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Music is a great addition to a psychedelic trip on magic mushrooms, truffles, LSD, DMT and other psychedelics. It can make your trip experience very intense, or lighter. Music can almost literally take you by the hand and make the trip go in a certain direction. It can also put you back on the right, happy path during an (almost) bad trip. Are you a beginner when it comes to psychedelic music and want some tips? Here are some top artists to listen to while tripping. Which often do well with a joint too, by the way.

Popular psychedelic music: the most popular artists

When you say psychedelic trip, you say psychedelic music. Don't you actually know any artists in this genre? To get inspiration for the best psychedelic music while tripping, you really only need to look at the line-up of the most famous psy festivals. Ozora and Boom, for example. There, you will see certain amazing artists returning time and again. For example:


Ott's usually wonderfully mellow psy dub music is an absolute must during your psychedelic trip. His albums are simply made for it. No bad trips on these songs! In Ott's work, you can hear sounds of nature, but also tribal instruments and unintelligible vocals that you can interpret entirely in your own way. Dream away on 'One Day I Wish To Have This Kind Of Time', which is also ideal for a meditative moment, by the way.

Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom's more uptempo music cannot really be pigeonholed into one genre. You could call it psychedelic electronic rock, but that would actually do them a disservice. If you are looking for music that is nicely intense and energising or even with a dark edge, this is a good choice.


Shpongle is capable of giving you an instant spiritual trip while listening, even sober. On one of their best-known albums, 'Tales of the Inexpressible', you'll find songs titled 'My head feels like a frisbee' and 'Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness'. With titles like these, you know: they like tripping themselves. Their songs are best described as trippy ambient. Perfect to get carried away to unknown destinations within yourself.

(Re)discovering new music

Discovering new music while tripping can be great. The most well-known platforms for streaming music have the ability to discover new songs and sets. Spotify gives many pretty good suggestions by listening to your favourite song's radio through its options. In Soundcloud, this is called 'station'. YouTube automatically plays suggestions when you put one song on. Just make sure you have a premium account from one of these options, otherwise you'll hear commercials between songs. And that could become a literal disturbance to your trip

You may even rediscover music you already know during your psychedelic trip. Psychedelics help you discover extra layers or sounds that you just passed by before, so to speak. Don't be surprised if, during a strong DMT trip, you experience your favourite song as completely different, dissect it like a surgeon or use it to steer your trip. Definitely give it a try!

Playlists and sets with all the music for your psychedelic trip

You probably already have your own collection of psychedelic and less psychedelic music you like to listen to during a trip session. Supplement this with the tips above and also ask your friends for their favourite songs. Also look at the length of a song or set and match it to the trip drug. Ideal for a DMT trip is a nice long song that really takes you on a trip. For example, 'Hidden Heart of Gold' is a spacerexperience summed up in one song.

Your favourite artists from then or now

Don't fancy psychedelic music during your trip? Or do you need a familiar vibe? Feel free to put on your favourite artists of the moment and see what it does to you. Also think back to artists you loved listening to in the past, in happy and carefree times. Even if these were the Spice Girls or Bløf; you might be surprised how good it can do you to listen to this music during your psychedelic trip.

More tips besides music for a great psychedelic trip

Music is just one aspect you can use to make your psychedelic trip a sublime experience. Atmosphere management, for instance, is also an issue. Read tips on how to set up an ideal stoner room here - of course, you can extend this advice more widely to other chill and trip substances. Create a comfortable environment with an eye for everything that makes you feel comfortable: the right light, snacks, good company and the right surroundings.

You can also shut yourself off from the outside world completely visually by wearing a special blindfold: the Mindfold. It blocks light and can immerse you completely in your own little world and your own music.