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Are you already familiar with the Mindfold: a special blindfold for those who like to get away from it all while tripping? The creator of this amazing product that every tripper should have is none other than Alex Grey. This psychonaut creates stunning trippy art. And now so does the Mindfold. Read all about what this special blindfold can do for you here.

Mindfold: multifunctional blindfold

The Mindfold is a soft and ultimate comfortable mask for over your eyes. It has a layer of foam rubber around your eyes and an adjustable strap that you put around your head. But what makes the mindfold different from a regular blindfold? Why wouldn't you just use your sleep mask, for example? Nuwel: when you wear the Mindfold, you can just keep your eyes open. Yet in that case, you see nothing. Many people find it unpleasant to experience pressure on their eyes when they are awake. When meditating and tripping, feeling dust and pressure on your eyelids can be quite distracting. Thus, this special blindfold offers a solution. In addition, the Mindfold comes with earplugs. This way, you can block out both light and sound and fully immerse yourself in your trip, meditation or nap. You hardly notice anything from outside. Especially during a trip, this is a fantastic addition. This way, you only see what comes out of your mind!

But this product can also help you during sober moments. If you are someone who is easily distracted by external stimuli during meditation or yoga, for example. Also, a messy room is no longer a disturbance when you wear the Mindfold. And while travelling, this special blindfold also offers a solution, of course. So you can easily catch your sleep on a plane or dorm.

Not a new concept

The concept of using headgear like this Mindfold to improve concentration and make relaxation easier is not new. Ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and Greeks, used headgear to help people concentrate. Whether they tripped with it is not known.

Who is Alex Grey anyway?

The mindfold was originally developed by Alex Grey. However, it was not his intention to create a trip blindfold. In fact, he was initially looking for a way to comfortably cover his eyes during meditation or moments of rest.

Alex Grey is an artist who knows how to capture in his works what you might see during a trip. Grey is quite spiritual and has obvious experience of intense trips himself. He started out as an illustrator for medical pictures and taught his craft to university students.

In the 1970s, he took LSD for the first time - a life-changing experience for him. On that night, he met his current wife, with whom he works closely to bring his work to people. With success, as it can be found in many leading museums as well as on album covers of Nirvana and Tool, among others.

How to ensure a perfect trip with and without Mindfold

Going on a trip and want to use the Mindfold? Be sure to read the tips below to make sure you get the most out of this experience. Always make sure you are physically and mentally comfortable, do not do it alone when you expect to go hard and take care of yourself. Arrange your surroundings appropriately, even if you use the Mindfold and don't see anything. Here are a few more tips for the experienced and less experienced tripper.

The right dose

An ideal trip starts with the right dose. Are you going mushrooms or truffles? Then be sure to read our article on determining the right dose!

2. Do fun things

Are you someone who can't sit still very well, even during a trip? Don't get bored with these tips: fun things to do while tripping.

3. The right place

Location is everything. Even while tripping! Here are our tips for finding the right trip spot: What are the best places to trip?

4. Don'ts while tripping

Tripping becomes a lot more fun when you know what not to do. Find out what they are and avoid a bad experience.

5. Sober tripping with the Mindfold

Tripping without drugs: it can be done! Especially by using the Mindfold, where you block external stimuli. Above all, read our tips for achieving a changing state of consciousness here.