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Of the substances you can microdose with in this article, not all are legal. That makes some substances a little easier to get hold of than others. Want to go 100% legal? Then these are your options, from easy to more tricky:

Truffles: legal and user-friendly

Truffles are the best and easiest drug for microdosing, as they can be bought, possessed and used by law. Choose one of the many options from our microdosing range; here you will also find ready-made microdosing kits that do not require a scale. You can also buy a larger portion of truffles and split them into microdoses yourself with the help of a digital scale.

Kanna: legal drug and easiest to microdose

Kanna is also legal. Simply weigh out the right microdose and you're done. Be careful when determining that dose, though, as the types of kanna in onze shop differ in strength.

Microdosing magic mushrooms: grow them with little effort

Magic mushrooms are not legal to buy or sell, but growing them yourself is allowed. Be sure to check out our grow kits for magic mushrooms. Follow the simple instructions, make sure you have the right ambient temperature and within a few weeks you will have an abundance of shrooms to microdose with.

LSD and lookalikes


When you take a whole stamp, dosing LSD is easy. Especially when you subject your LSD to an LSD test to ensure you are actually dealing with this trip drug. But microdosing is a bit trickier, as a seal does not contain the same amount of active substances on every piece. Just nibbling 1/10th off this is therefore not recommended. Before you know it, you will feel a bit too high on an average working day. To weigh out a more precise microdose of this drug, it is best to dissolve a seal in distilled water or alcohol. Put a seal in 10-20 ml of water or strong alcohol, set it aside overnight and make sure the seal is completely dissolved. Shake the bottle of LSD liquid before each use. Now you can take 1 ml at a time to get exactly one microdose in.

Weighing out a normal portion is also often quite easy with legal varieties of it, such as the LSD-like LSA found in some plants. You can find this in Morning Glory seeds, among others. You take these seeds by the hundreds when you want to trip, so that makes weighing up a mini-dose easier.

Cannabis: not the easiest for microdosing, but possible in the Netherlands


Microdosing cannabis is a bit tricky. For example, a microdose consists of one puff of a joint. But with that, you don't know whether you are ingesting too much or too little, especially when it consists partly of tobacco. With an edible, this is a bit easier. Just make sure you know how strong it is and weigh the microdose carefully.

Mescaline microdosing: takes some effort


Cacti containing mescaline, like the San Pedro, are more difficult to microdose. Not every cactus contains the same amount of mescaline. This makes it hard to know exactly how much you are ingesting. A matter of starting with as small a portion as possible and building up until you find the right dosage... Microdosing with trip cacti will therefore not exactly take little effort. Factor this in and plan your first trial days smartly.

Microdosing: with these tips, make it extra easy on yourself


Microdosing might feel like something that takes a lot of effort the first time. With these microdosing tips for beginners, we'd like to make it easier for you:

The right time and place 1.

We recommend experimenting with microdosing mainly in your spare time and in the right environment, not on Monday mornings when you are expected at the office. Should you have taken just a little too much once, at least you will enjoy it on your day off - instead of stressing among your unsuspecting colleagues. Or make sure you can easily escape home if a microdose turns out to feel not so micro after all. In your own comfortable surroundings, you are likely to feel more confident and safe, getting much more out of your "overdose" than in a crowded environment.


"Preparation is half the battle" is an expression that absolutely applies to microdosing. Make yourself as easy as possible by reading up on the drug you are going to microdose with and double-check dosages and the protocol you are going to follow.

Clear mind

Microdosing will suit you much better when your brain is ready. Ideally, start with a healthy mindset. That is, with the intention to upgrade yourself, from an already pretty healthy starting point. Besides microdosing, make an effort to have an overall healthy lifestyle. When you are physically and mentally not at all comfortable in your skin, microdosing is a lot more tricky than in case you feel stable. If you have a lot of stress, deal with that first with these tips and see microdosing as a nice addition. Meditating, for example, is an excellent way to calm your brain.

4. Microdosing diary

While microdosing, keep a logbook in which you write down what you take, how much, on which day and time, and how you feel before, during and the days after. This will give you a good idea of what your ideal microdosing approach is with little effort. This will make following your next microdosing course much easier.