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Preparation is half the battle, and this is certainly true for a magic mushroom trip. There are all sorts of ways to prepare for a spiritual trip on magic mushrooms. For instance, it is smart not to eat too much the hours or day before the trip. A comfortable trip environment, the right company and a nice playlist can also make quite a difference. It is also wise to go into a trip with a healthy, relaxed mindset. A good way to achieve this is by practising meditation and yoga. Read here how to approach this and in what way it will deepen your paddotrip.

The benefits of meditation and yoga

Meditation and yoga have been used for centuries to calm the body and mind and influence consciousness. Both practices can help you focus on the present moment. Meditation gives you control over your thoughts and can even enable you to influence your bodily functions. For instance, you can lower your heart rate, improve breathing and reduce feelings of stress. Yoga is more of a physical activity, but it too can positively influence both your mental and physical state.

Meditation and yoga for a better trip

The skills you learn thanks to yoga and meditation are quite welcome during a psychedelic experience. After all, an intense trip can feel overwhelming. With yoga and meditation, you have two powerful tools in your hands that allow you to experience much more control over your trip. You will notice that you are better able to steer the trip, experience more relaxation and get more out of a psychedelic trip. Yoga and meditation balance body, mind and soul. Add a serving of good quality magic mushrooms, and you can count on a great spiritual trip.


Meditating and yoga before tripping: practical tips

Don't have much experience with yoga or meditation yet and want to know how to use it to take your mushroom trip to the next level? The following practical tips will take you a long way as a beginner!

You can learn to meditate

You do not have to meditate daily for years to reap the benefits. For example, search YouTube for videos on meditation for beginners. These will guide you through your first steps into the wonderful world of meditation. All you have to do is sit, listen and let the voice from the video carry you along.

The best form of yoga

There are many forms of yoga, from difficult or intense to relaxing. Yin yoga is a form that revolves around holding the same poses for long periods of time. This allows you to increase your body's flexibility and release tension. Ideal for clearing blockages, so you start your journey with a relaxed body and relaxed mind. If you want to get into a flow state, Vinyasa is a good choice. This dynamic form of yoga combines breathing and flowing movements in a particular series of postures. Also, be sure to delve into Pranayama, breathing exercises used in yoga to calm the mind. Yoga Nidra is also highly recommended. You do this lying down and with your eyes closed, which makes it more of a form of meditation than a typical yoga session.


Set an intention

If you want to start your spiritual trip on magic mushrooms off right, start with a specific intention. Use that same intention in the meditation session prior to your trip. Examples of such intentions you can use for your personal development.

  • Healing from emotional damage and discovering ways to release trauma
  • Self-acceptance and greater appreciation of yourself
  • Tapping into and stimulating creativity
  • Feeling connection with the universe, the extraterrestrial and nature
  • Releasing fear and stress
  • Discovering your life goals

Next, look for meditation videos that focus on your intention. Fortunately, the internet is full of them, so you are bound to find suitable material!

Use a Mindfold

A Mindfold can be a useful tool for a meditation session in preparation for magic mushrooms. This special blindfold allows for fewer distractions and thus a better focus on your meditation. Also during tripping, the Mindfold can enhance an inner journey.

Meditation and yoga after your trip

Even after your mushroom trip, meditation and yoga can help you process the trip and bring your body and mind back into balance. Remember your intention and what the trip taught you. A yoga session will help you end your trip relaxed and feeling positive.