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Looking for more energy? You're definitely not the only one! Almost everyone sometimes or often thinks: why am I so tired? You can get extra energy, for instance, with various natural remedies that give you an instant boost. But don't forget to look at your overall lifestyle. Chances are that you can make the necessary adjustments there, so that you wake up a lot fresher and more energetic from now on. Fortunately, there are countless ways to boost your energy levels naturally. Here our best tips for more energy, from supplements to long-term solutions.

Practical tips for more energy

Before you reach for supplements, there are some things you should do to work on your energy levels. This is because these will have long-term effects, which is of course what you would like most.

1: Exercise

Most people don't get enough exercise. And that's why you may suffer from fatigue. With exercise, you stimulate circulation and make it easier for your body to keep your energy levels high and stable. For example, you suffer less from energy dips after eating. Our government's exercise guidelines are a good guide:

  • At least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise. Think walking and cycling.
  • Work on your muscles and motor skills twice a week or more, for example with strength training.
  • Avoid prolonged periods of inactivity such as working sitting down for hours at a time or spending whole weekends in bed.
  • The more exercise, the better. While respecting your body, of course.

2: Sleep

Having enough energy during the day starts with a good night's sleep. If you sleep poorly, see how you can improve with these tips:

  • Go to bed on time at set times and establish a certain routine. This way, your body and brain know that it is time to sleep at a certain time.
  • Avoid stimuli and incentives late in the day and evening, such as intense conversations, bright lights, strenuous activities, heavy meals, gaming and Netflix.
  • Focus on 7-9 hours of sleep per night.
  • Provide a calm and clean sleep environment. Dimmed lights, fresh sheets and keeping busy pets and snoring partners out of bed can make a world of difference.
  • Fall asleep easier and make longer nights with supplements such as sleep-promoting herbs. Valerian, Passion Flower and melatonin can help.

3: Nutrition

Nutrition is the energy source that keeps us going. Eat enough, healthy and varied food. A healthy diet consists of sufficient protein, at least 250 grams of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit, whole grain cereals, legumes and healthy fats. Avoid highly processed foods, excessive consumption of sugar and large amounts of alcohol. These have been proven to have a negative impact on your energy. Also pay attention to how your body reacts to certain foods and meals. Keep a diary of what you eat, what time and how much and how tired you are before and after eating.

Besides your diet, you can look into supplements that will improve your health and brain function in the long run. Read this article to make the right choice: The best supplements to support your health.

4: Rest

You may actually need more moments of rest during the day, to recharge for the rest of your to-do's. If you strain yourself too much and for too long, your energy simply runs out. Stress can also make you tired. Take a critical look at your schedule and commitments. Are you doing enough things that give you energy, besides all the must-do's? And are you taking enough breaks? A good way to take a break could be a short walk. That way you clear your head for a while and work on your fitness as well.

The best supplements for more energy: our tips

Have you applied all the tips above and your lifestyle is fine? Or do you need a temporary energy boost? Then there are some supplements that have been proven to give you more energy.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba comes from the leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba tree. It has been used for centuries because of its benefits for circulation, mental alertness and memory. More energy and focus is the result.


Who doesn't get through the day without coffee? Caffeine is what makes this black goodie a great energy booster. Coffee is also healthy: several cups a day have proven positive effects on your health. Tea also contains caffeine, among several other healthy compounds. This makes tea a healthy choice for more futility in the short and long term. Green tea also has additional health benefits, so feel free to drink one or two cups of that every day.


Guayusa is an Amazonian plant that has a healthy, uplifting effect. Besides caffeine, it contains theobromine and theanine, which together provide clear focus.


A regular ingredient in most energy drinks is Guarana. And for good reason, as this herb can boost your energy, productivity, memory and circulation.


Stackers are mostly used by athletes who want to get everything out of their workout. In such an energy pill, you'll find caffeine, green tea, Yerba Mate, Ginseng, Kola Nut and more. Beware: a whole capsule leads to a boost in your energy that cannot be ignored! Are you prone to boosts or not yet familiar with stackers? Then break open a capsule and try a fraction of that dose first, before you run around bouncing all day.

Check out all our stimulant products with additional supplement tips for more energy here. Delve into our extensive range to find what you're looking for.