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Even if you try so hard to work on your health, it can be quite difficult in today's society. You are tempted on all sides with unhealthy snacks, and stress can keep you from exercising or cooking for yourself. But you can at least make sure you have the best supplements that can help support your health, such as CBD oil, medicinal mushrooms and microdosing.

Supplements as support

Healthy living is important and almost all of us make an effort to do so. But you are being pulled on all sides, with advertisements for fast food, sweets and other unhealthy snacks. Stress can also undermine your health. Not only because stress itself has a negative effect on the body and mind. It can also make you lack the energy to take good care of yourself, with healthy fresh meals or regular exercise.

With supplements, you can fortunately support your health. The question then becomes, what do you need? There is a wide range of supplements on offer, which can make it hard to see the wood for the trees. Of course, your choice of supplement is always personal. What you need depends on your situation and what exactly you suffer from. But the supplements below are suitable for everyone and can help with stress, anxiety, sleep problems, mood problems and reduced immunity. Read more about them below to help you make your choice.


More and more people are using CBD (cannabidiol) as a supplement. Research shows that CBD has several properties that can help with anxiety, stress, pain and sleep problems, for instance. The advantage is that CBD is a natural remedy that works with the human body. It has few side effects and is therefore safe to use on a daily basis.

CBD is one of the active substances from the hemp plant. It is a cannabinoid that has analgesic, calming and anti-inflammatory properties. The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology listed the following benefits of cannabidiol:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Can inhibit epileptic seizures
  • Has a calming effect on anxiety and stress
  • Can reduce nausea and vomiting
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-psychotic effect

In addition, it may have antibacterial and antiviral effects. CBD can also have a positive effect on mood. So you can also use it for gloominess, depression, mood swings and in general, when you are not feeling well. CBD can also bring relief to hormonal complaints, such as menopause, PMS or menstrual complaints. CBD is available as oil, capsules, paste, edibles or crystals.


CBG is somewhat less well known than CBD, but has its own unique effects. CBG is also a cannabinoid from the hemp plant (the letters stand for cannabigerol). While the phytocannabinoid is similar to CBD, it has slightly different effects in some ways. CBG may have an even more powerful antibacterial effect and could be used against superbugs. It also has anti-inflammatory and sedative effects. CBG can further help protect the nerves. If you want to use CBG, you can. In our webshop, you can find Plant of Life CBG crystals, HempCare Sleep CBG oil and Plant of Remedy CBG oil.

The power of reishi

Medicinal mushrooms are also a great supplement to support your health. Reishi (as an extract or capsules) is one of these mushrooms, with a host of powerful active compounds. It has been used for centuries in the Far East for its positive effects on health. Not for nothing is it nicknamed the "divine mushroom of immortality" there!

Science, too, is now discovering the effects of reishi on our health. The reishi mushroom contains triterpenes, which are anti-inflammatory. Feeling tired, gloomy and low on energy? Then you should also try reishi. It has a positive effect on your energy levels, mood and immunity. There are many different medicinal mushrooms and they can also be used well together. Other mushrooms you could use are Lion's Mane, Shiitake and Chaga.


Those struggling with certain symptoms may also want to see if microdosing is something that could help. When you microdose, you take a very low dose of a psychoactive substance. This could be magic mushrooms or truffles, for example, but it can also be done with other substances. Because the dose is so low, you won't notice any mind-altering effects. But psychoactive substances have a very powerful effect on the brain and on neurotransmitters. Their effect is literally mind-altering. It affects the way you think, how you see the world, how you feel.

Even though microdosing does not involve a full dose, the effect can work its way into you in subtle ways. As a result, microdosing can help with problems with your mood, concentration, creativity and energy. You may experience a different outlook on life, gain new insights, and interact differently with people. Microdosing is often used for anxiety, stress, lack of motivation and the like. So if you could use a helping hand, microdosing could be a good option. If you want to give it a try, read how to microdose with truffles here.

Of course, there are many other powerful supplements that can help support health. But the ones mentioned above are suitable in almost all situations and have few side effects. Always start with a low dose and if you notice little effect after a few days, slowly increase the dose. That way, you also give your body and mind time to get used to the remedy.