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Magic truffles contain the active substances psilocybin and psilocin, which cause an impaired physical and mental state - also called psychedelic effects. A large dose of these substances will change your perceptions of the real world. For example, you may experience time and colours differently, see patterns and hear musical tones differently. But what about microdosing with magic truffles? Do the effects stay the same? In this article we tell you all about it.

What are magic truffles?

Magic truffles are the so called 'sclerotia' of magic mushrooms. Truffles are dense masses of mycelium that grow underground and serve as food reserves for the mushroom. This so-called stage of fungal development only occurs in some mushrooms. Mushrooms that produce truffles (sclerotia) include:

Microdosing with magic truffles

Microdosing with magic truffles means that you take a super small dose of truffles. Think of 1/20 or 1/10th of a normal dose. The exact microdosage depends on whether you bought dried or fresh truffles. In both cases it applies that you always take a small dose and therefore you never experience hallucinations or other extreme trip effects. The idea is that with microdosing you experience the subtle psychedelic effects.

Microdosing with psilocybin truffles works basically the same as microdosing magic mushrooms. The only difference is that magic truffles consist of approximately 20-50% moisture, depending on the species. Mushrooms consist for 90% of liquid and therefore the ideal dosage differs between the two. Furthermore, truffles are legally available in The Netherlands, magic mushrooms are not.

Microdosing with fresh truffles:

  • Up to 0,5 grams for a low dose
  • 0,7 to 2 grams for an average dose
  • 2 grams or a bit more for a high dose

Microdosing with dried truffles:

  • Up to 0,2 grams for a low dose
  • 0,2 to 0,4 grams for an average dose
  • 0,6 grams or a little more for a high dose

Below you can see two regimens concerning microdosing psilocybin truffles that you could use:

schema microdoseren

schema microdosis

Effects microdosing with magic truffles

Many of the effects when using psychedelics apply to a high dose as well as a micro dose. At a low dose, you will not experience hallucinations or a heavy trip.

The effects of microdosing with magic truffles can be influenced by several factors, like the dosage, environment, personality and weight. But in general, the effects when microdosing are among the following:

  • Increased creativity
  • Positive mood
  • Good focus
  • More energy
  • Better cognitive functioning
  • Better control of emotions

In addition, the microdosing of truffles can help with addiction and depression.

Effects at high doses

At a high dose of magic truffles, you can experience hallucinations and end up in a trip. Your sensory perceptions, mood, experience of time and thoughts will change. You can see moving objects, feel euphoric or anxious and you can get special insights.

Why microdosing with magic truffles?

People microdose for many different reasons. Some people do it to become more creative, others to get into a good mood or for medical reasons. It can help people to reduce depressive symptoms, give people with ADHD a better focus and reduce stuttering in people who stutter.

Risks of microdosing

Magic truffles are not addictive, and the risk of negative side effects is reduced at low dosages. Microdosing is considered safe and there are no known health risks associated with it. However, it can possibly lead to fatigue, nausea or headaches, but this is different for each individual. And of course it depends on the dosage.

Preparing magic truffles for microdosing

If you want to microdose magic truffles, you have three options:

  • You can buy your truffles ready-made in microdose
  • Buy larger portions of truffles, dry them yourself and store them in your own batch of microdoses.
  • Grow your own truffles (or mushrooms), dry them and microdose them.