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DMT is considered the strongest trip drug by most psychonauts. Although it gives you a short trip of about 20 minutes, it can be incredibly intense and life-changing. DMT is a natural substance found in our bodies in very small quantities. But where does the stuff you use to trip come from? Fortunately, it is not extracted from humans, but simply from nature. Find out which plants and herbs contain DMT here. You might be surprised to know that some of them just grow in our country!

What is DMT and what are its effects?

DMT stands for dimethyltryptamine, which refers to the molecular structure of this potent substance. Smoking DMT gives you a colourful visual trip and often makes you feel euphoric. How strong the effect is depends on the dose. A small puff will make the world around you slightly more colourful, a big puff can make you feel as if you are completely somewhere else. The good news is that DMT works very quickly: usually within seconds. The interesting thing about DMT is that it really wears off after half an hour. You can take a DMT break during your working day, so to speak, without any physical or visual after-effects. It can even give your day a positive boost because of the experiences you get in such a short time. Moreover, the advantage of DMT is that it does not deplete your serotonin and other neurotransmitters.

The natural sources of DMT: which plants and herbs contain it?

DMT is in our own bodies, in our brains to be precise. But in very small quantities. DMT peaks twice in our lives: when we are born and when we die. This substance is therefore said to be the reason that near-death experiences feel like a trip.

Fortunately, to get DMT we don't have to kill people or other mammals. In fact, it can also be found in nature. Several hallucinogenic herbs and plant species contain DMT. Some of these can be found deep in the exotic jungle, but DMT-containing plants can also be found in our own chilly country. Canary grass, for instance, is an invasive plant found around water that contains DMT.


Cohoba is another name for Yopo. The difference with Yopo is that this DMT-containing plant is inhaled or snorted by indigenous people. It involves a whole ritual, led by shamans.


The Acacia tree is found all over the world, where 150+ different species can be found. You can find high concentrations of DMT in the bark and leaves of some of these species.


Mimosa is not only the name of a tasty cocktail, but also a plant that contains DMT. There are hundreds of species, most of which have this substance in them. Mimosa is one of the main sources from which Ayahuasca is made.

Want to buy DMT-containing plants and herbs?

Now you don't have to search for DMT-containing plants yourself. In our shop, you can find several ready-made natural sources of this trip drug, such as Chacruna and Yopo.

Chacruna leaves

The DMT-containing leaves of the Chacruna bush grow in the Amazon jungle, where, as you know, many more powerful herbs and plants come from. Each gram of this dried plant contains 10 mg of DMT, with a small portion you can already experience a trip.


Yopo is a tree that contains DMT. The plant originally grows in South America. With only 1-3 Yopo seeds you can trip for up to an hour, making the experience a bit between LSD and DMT. Potent stuff, in other words!

Canary grass

Canary grass, also called canary weed, is an easy-to-grow plant that contains DMT. In fact, this plant is so easy to grow that it proliferates quickly. So above all, don't plant it in the garden among your rhododendrons and roses, but in a separate container.

More herbs and plant species for tripping

Yopo and Chacruna specifically contain DMT, but there are more herbs and plant species with which you can achieve a short or long trip. Check out the options from our LSA & DMT plants and herbs or pick out a hallucinogenic herb in our extensive shop. They vary quite a bit in effects and duration, so be sure to check out what suits you!

How do I use DMT?

DMT is smoked, usually in a pipe or in a joint. You only need very small amounts to get great effects. Therefore, it can be smart to take sufficient precautions, especially the first time. Take care of a trip sitter, for instance: someone who stays sober while you smoke DMT. It will be extra nice if this person has DMT experience. In addition, try to pay close attention to your dosage. This can be done by smoking the DMT in a long glass pipe, so you can see how much smoke you are taking in. A joint of DMT will also help with being able to dose carefully. Start with a small cloud and only take more when you feel you can. Wait a minute or a little longer until you take another puff. This way you can be sure you are not tripping too hard. Once blasted, there is no way back, at least not until it wears off after about 15 or 25 minutes.