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Canary grass has a harmless name, but it certainly isn't... In fact, you are not dealing with bird food here, but with a very strong trip drug. At least: from this plant you can extract DMT, which is one of the strongest psychedelic drugs in existence. Read all about canary grass here. How do you grow it and what effects can you expect from it?

Canary grass: phalaris arundinacea

Canary grass, short for Phalaris arundinacea or Reed Canary Grass, is an easy plant to grow. It is a fairly robust crop that can get by in a variety of climates. Even in the Netherlands! You can find this tall grass in the wild here. It thrives in moist areas, such as swamps and next to rivers. It is also a perennial plant; so it is not finished with life after one season. It is a plant that thrives so well in all kinds of conditions that it proliferates easily.

DMT and canary grass

Even though canary grass will probably look cosy in your little garden, you probably come across this article for one reason: the DMT it contains. In high concentrations too; one of the highest you can find in nature. So whoever says the Netherlands doesn't have rich flora and fauna can correct you from now on.

DMT is a short-acting trip drug, but one that can give you the most intense trip of your life. Indeed, it can realise strong visual effects just seconds after ingestion by smoking it. One puff of a DMT pipe can be enough to get blasted. After about 20 minutes, it works out again. The increasingly popular Ayahuasca also contains DMT. However, an Aya trip lasts several hours, but need not be inferior in terms of intensity. This is why Ayahuasca is mostly used in controlled settings, with a bright shaman to guide you.

DMT is often taken a lot more lightly, because of its short duration of action. Thus, it is also popularly called the businessman's trip, since you can take it on your lunch break and then go back to work unscathed. Still, we always advise you to be careful with this too. For instance, arrange a trip sitter, who will keep an eye on you when you might be off the world for a while.

From seeds to plant

Do you have canary grass seeds at home and want to start growing them yourself? With these tips, you'll get a nice harvest with ease.

  • As habitat, give the seeds a large pot or container with potting soil. The layer of soil should be at least 10 centimetres high.
  • Spread the seeds out over the soil, keeping about a fist-width distance between each seed. Press them lightly.
  • Your seeds love a wet surface! So keep the soil nice and wet for at least the first few weeks.
  • Now you need a little patience. You will see that the plant germinates quickly, but it will take a few months before you can harvest.

Don't just plant canary grass in your carefully landscaped backyard: since it grows quickly and easily, it is capable of taking up a lot of space. Rather, grow it in a separate area, such as a large pot.

Beware: while canary grass contains the beneficial substance DMT, it also contains the toxic substance gramine. We advise against getting started with this without any understanding of growing plants for the purpose of DMT extraction.

Where can I buy canary grass?

Avoid endless searching for canary grass in the wild and just grow it yourself. In your house, on the balcony or next to your mother's pond: with these seeds, you can be sure to score real canary grass. If you go looking for it yourself in the wild, you risk going home with something that is not actually phalaris arundinacea. So keep it safe, and know what you have in front of you. With these canary grass seeds from, you'll have the right thing in hand and grow this potent herb yourself.

How to get DMT naturally and legally?

Tired of the thought of having to grow plants to get your DMT? Then take a look around our webshop. Here you will find hallucinogenic seeds that can give you a trip tomorrow. Yopo, for instance, is a well-known DMT-containing drug, which has a long tradition within indigenous peoples. This plant gives you a short trip of up to an hour, similar to that of LSD or DMT.

Similar plants

Canary grass is not the only plant that contains DMT. Thus, by boiling Chacruna leaves, you can also easily extract this substance.