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When you are tripping on mushrooms, mescaline or hallucinating herbs, you can just sit back and relax on the couch. But it is much more fun to get more out of your trip and to look for something fun to do. Listening to music, being in nature or doing something creative, gets a whole different meaning than when you are not high. If you need some inspiration, read on below. In this blog we give you 5 fun things to do when you are tripping.

Listening to or making music

It is not without reason that people like to use drugs at music festivals and dance parties. Music enters you in a completely different way when you are tripping. Apart from hearing music (and suddenly hearing much more), you can feel and taste every note, every voice and every instrument. Enjoy music at home, create a nice atmosphere with cushions, candles and close the curtains. Lie down and let yourself be carried away by the music. You can go for what you know, your own greatest hits. But maybe you can also go for songs by other famous artists who themselves used mind-altering substances. Think of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or Jefferson Airplane.

Besides listening to music, you could also make or compose your own music, if you have experience with this. Your brain works very differently when you are under the influence. Make use of that and see what you can get out of your instrument, whether it is a guitar, drums or a violin. If you can write music, your own creativity may surprise you. Don't forget to record or write down your beautiful songs, otherwise afterwards you will have no idea what you have done.

Fun things to do while tripping: Play games

Playing games may sound corny, but under the influence of mind-altering drugs it can be amazing. With a board game like Monopoly, Settlers or a card game, you and your friends will have a great evening. Those kinds of games are sure to bring many a laugh. Video games are also a good option for a great evening. Because of your altered consciousness, you may get the impression that you are really in the game. This can be quite intense. In order to enjoy a trippy game night, it is important that your trip is not too intense. Otherwise, you will have no idea what you are doing, and you will not be able to concentrate. With a mild trip that enhances social feelings, you will have a pleasant, cheerful and funny evening with your mates.

Go into nature

Going into nature is also a special experience when you are tripping. When you are outside in the woods or under the immense starry sky, many people experience how connected they are to everything around them. Mind-altering drugs make you suddenly see how beautiful nature is. You experience a deep inner peace and can feel love for all living beings. It may be a good idea to meditate and perhaps get answers to important questions. Being in nature while tripping is the way to get to know yourself better.

If you want to trip in nature, choose a place where not many people come, so you can completely surrender to the experience. Make sure you are well-prepared: bring water, enough warm clothes, a blanket to sit or lie on. And perhaps a friend will go with you, so that you can be sure you are safe. Tripping outdoors in nature is a beautiful thing to do, but it is not a good idea if this is your first time using mind-altering substances. It is important that you choose a familiar and safe environment.

Watching television/movies

One of the things that are fun to do while tripping is to watch films or series on television. This can produce incredibly beautiful experiences. Colours are more intense, images come to life and can, as it were, flow out of your television. Sounds are richer and deeper, and everything you see and hear seems to be experienced by you. Still need suggestions on what to watch? Think of documentaries about nature or space (Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey), funny trippy cartoons like Alice in Wonderland or the psychedelic thriller Enter the Void.

Discover your creative side

Whether you have always loved being creative or not, psychedelics can have a positive effect on your creativity. When you are tripping, a whole new world of insights, possibilities and inspiration opens up. Make use of this by creating beautiful trippy works of art. From simply drawing on paper with markers or pencils, to modelling, painting or writing poems. Let yourself go and follow what your hyper-creative brain wants to do next.

Not only is it great to see what your trip will produce in this way, but it can also help you process or let go of certain things. Don't hold on to the idea that your art has to be beautiful. Immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy what you are doing. Discover your inner artist and play with paint, paper, words, clay or whatever you feel like doing.

As you can see, tripping can be more than just tripping. Hopefully this has given you some ideas that you can do something with. Always make sure you are safe, whether you are tripping at home or somewhere else. A tripsitter can help with this and it is also a good idea to have a trip stopper with you. If all that is in order, enjoy the experience to the full.