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The popularity of CBD oil has grown tremendously in recent years. And that is of course not for nothing! In this article, we will tell you more about the best CBD oil from Plant of Remedy, what it does exactly and what the 100% natural oil is good for.

What is CBD oil?

First of all, a little more about the organic CBD oil, also called cannabidiol. Because what exactly is CBD oil? CBD (cannabidiol) is the active substance that is extracted from the leaves and flower tops of the hemp plant. This substance is then dissolved in a natural oil and thus CBD oil is created.

The hemp plant consists of more than 60 cannabinoids, of which THC and CBD are the two main components. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is abundant in the hemp plant. CBD, on the other hand, is rarely found in the 'original' hemp plant. This substance is obtained from industrial hemp—specially and legally grown hemp that contains CBD and little or no THC. In contrast to weed oil, CBD oil is completely legal, and you will not get stoned of it.

What does CBD oil do?

Many CBD oil users indicate that the use of the oil has helped with various physical or mental complaints. This is, however, not scientifically established, but experiences do show that the oil can help with the reduction of complaints. The CBD oil contains no mind-altering effect, like THC, and that makes it an attractive alternative for many to use as a painkiller.

Use of CBD oil

You can easily take the CBD oil by putting a few drops under your tongue and then swallow. The active substance in the oil is then absorbed by the oral mucosa. The dosage is always indicated on the packaging or leaflet. It is also important to know that the oil is available in different concentrations - from 5% to 20% - of which the 10% is the most commonly used.

What is the best CBD oil?

The best CBD oil? At 24High that is the pure organic CBD oil from Plant of Remedy. The oil is available in different concentrations and contents. The most sold products are the Plant of Remedy with Argan oil (15% CBD - 1500 mg) and the Plant of Remedy with Turmeric Oil (10% CBD - 1000 mg).

CBD oil from Plant of Remedy

The 100% natural CBD oil from Plant of Remedy is one of the best-known CBD brands in all of Europe. All products are pure nature, vegetarian and produced without harming nature as well as the animal kingdom. All Plant of Remedy products contain less than 0,2% THC, meet the highest quality standards and comply with all European guidelines. All products also carry European quality marks, such as CTAEX and IFHA.

More CBD products from Plant of Remedy

Want to know more about the market leader of CBD products Plant of Remedy? We'll tell you more about the history of the brand in another article. Curious about the other CBD products by Plant of Remedy? In our shop you will find besides CBD oil also CBD edibles, care products, hashish, and crystals.