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Are you tired all day? Do you feel lifeless and do you have the idea that you have no strength left? When you Google this or ask around in your circle of friends, you may always come up with the same tips.

Are you tired all day?

But what if I told you that all those tips are great fun, but there is also a tool that can help you that no one is talking about. Something that has been in development for a few years now and that Silicon Valley millionaires swear by? This remedy not only gives you more energy, but also increases your problem-solving ability, your creativity, and the meaning of life. Everyone will probably be talking about this in 5 years, but why wait with microdosing.

Welcome to the world of the innovators, innovators and the people who win in life. Familiar solutions when you are tired all day. Still, the well-known tips that you get from people when you tell them that you are tired all day. These tips can certainly help you, but in some cases even more is needed to prevent you from getting the feeling tired all day.

The known solutions are:

  • Start exercising
  • Fresh air is good for
  • Daylight gives you energy
  • Go do something and don't sit on the couch
  • Eat a hearty breakfast every day
  • Try to cut back on sugar
  • Stop snoozing
  • Take your time in the morning so that you waste less energy on volatile behavior

But you may have already tried all these things and are still tired all day. Or maybe the above solutions don't suit you, or they don't fit into your daily life. Then microdosing magic truffles can help you get more energy.

very tired

No longer tired all day long with this Microdosing

Don't call me crazy and increase your knowledge before clicking away from this page. It really works. It is not commercial talk, and it is not used by ordinary people. Two Nobel Prize winners and the greatest inventors in the tech world have used microdosing. All of Silicon Valley has breakfast with it, and you know this is one of the most innovative areas in the world. It's buzzing, it's alive, and it's bursting with energy.

So why don't you know anything about this drug? It's on the rise, but it's in a twilight zone of the allowable. People often think it's weird when you talk about microdosing psychedelics, but it's the way of using it that's revolutionary.

What is Microdosing Psychedelics?

Ever heard of microdosing psychedelics? It's the way to get more energy. It increases your productivity, creativity and lowers your stress level.

Do you get more energy with Microdosing psychedelics?

With microdosing you take a very small amount of psychoactive substances such as psilocybin or mescaline. These substances are found in natural products such as cacti and mushrooms. Now you may be thinking, oh no, I'm not going to start with this. This is probably something illegal or addictive. Or maybe a sales pitch because yes, this is a smart shop. Yes and no. But as mentioned, take a moment to read on before deciding whether microdosing psychedelics is a good choice for you.

Using mescaline, psilocybin en other psychoactive substances date back to the '50s. It was already used in the workplace at the time and with success. Two Nobel laureates have indicated that they have used this for a long time. In addition, the discoverer of one of the psychoactive substances lived to be 102 years old while using microdosing for decades.

According to the addiction clinics in the Netherlands, microdosing is not addictive at all. In fact, it is impossible to become addicted to these products because you quickly build up a tolerance to these products. So you don't have to worry about addiction.

Demonstrable results

In 1966 an experiment was conducted among 27 volunteers who had registered. This included architects, engineers and a psychologist. All these people had ééone thing in common. They had a problem that seemed unsolvable. They had been running into this problem for at least 3 months and didn't seem to be able to fix it.

The reason they signed up was because of the promise that this tool would help them solve their problem. These work-related problems were very complex and no matter how much time she put into them, a solution seemed so very far away. This experiment solved 40 of the 44 unsolvable problems. In a few hours. An incredibly measurable result. Demonstrable proof that this works. The drug she used? Mescaline.


Is Microdosing Psychedelics Harmful For You?

Now comes an important part of microdosing. Is it safe? Is it harmful to you? According to studies, magic mushrooms are one of the safest drugs on the planet. However, magic mushrooms have been banned in the Netherlands since 2008. This was mainly due to incidents that took place, especially in Amsterdam, among tourists. These took mushrooms for recreational purposes. As a result, a large dose was taken and they made wrong decisions. These decisions led to the ban on magic mushrooms.

Today, magic mushrooms are still available, but no longer for sale ready-made in smartshops. You can still buy mushroom grow kits at smartshops. These are completely legal. This means that you have to grow your own magic mushrooms. Magic truffles and mescaline cacti are for sale at the smartshops. Although magic truffles can be seen as a by-product of the magic mushroom, they are not banned in the Netherlands. Magic truffles contain the same psychoactive substances as magic mushrooms, but are not on the banned list.

growkit mushrooms

No longer tired all day

Solutions for problems. Nice. But what good is that to me? For a few years now, scientists from leading research centers have been exploring the powers of these psychoactive substances. Think of John Hopkings Research Unit, UCLA and NYU. But also in the Netherlands there are now tests by psychologists and psychiatrists with microdosing. It can help against anxiety attacks and depression. So the medical world is undergoing a shift in the way it looks at psychoactive substances.

As mentioned, psychoactive substances include psilocybin and mescaline. These fabrics can be found in magic truffles, magic mushrooms and mescaline cacti. Now you may think that these are drugs that you should stay away from, but nothing could be further from the truth. These products are powerful, but it's how you use them that matters. It used to be used to trip and experience hallucinations.

With microdosing, however, you only use 1/10 or even 1/20 the amount for a trip. As a result, you will not suffer from hallucinations and you will not trip. In fact, with the right dosage you can function completely normally, but experience much more energy than you are used to.

It boosts your energy level and the feeling of being tired all day disappears like snow in the sun. You are more creative and you will notice that you are many times more productive. In the workplace but also in your daily activities. Putting things off is a thing of the past with microdosing.

Why can Microdosing with psychedelics help?

When you take magic truffles in very small amounts, you only experience the advantages and the disadvantages are left out. At least, the disadvantages of being able to function as you are used to on a daily basis. You also don't have to take the microdose every day, but only every two days and you can stop at any time. No withdrawal symptoms, nothing. Logically, of course, because the substances are in no way addictive. The microdosing gives you an energy boost and has no known negative effects.