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Jelly 22% CBD Purple Haze Extraction 1G

Jelly 22% CBD Purple Haze Extraction 1G
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If you are interested in trying CBD jelly, CBD Purple Haze is a good option. You can take this hash to enjoy the well-known aromas of cannabis and the health benefits of CBD with confidence, without getting stoned or high. This jelly contains less than 0.2% THC. So there is no mind-altering effect. And yet you can enjoy the rich aromas of Purple Haze, reminiscent of cinnamon and frankincense. You will also notice a hint of fruity grapes. It is truly a bouquet of aromas to dream away with.

With 22% CBD in the CBD Purple Haze Extraction you can easily take your daily dose. The hash not only contains CBD and the other cannabinoids, but is also rich in flavonoids and terpenes. These are also active substances that can have a positive effect on your health. CBD Jelly can help improve your mood and make it easier to relax. It has analgesic properties (it can help with headaches, muscle aches or menstrual cramps) and may reduce inflammation.

Hashish is easy to take orally. Break off a piece and let it dissolve under your tongue. However, you can also vaporize it in a water pipe, bong or vaporizer. Not all vaporizers are capable of vaporizing hash, so make sure yours can do that. You can further crumble the hash and then process it in a joint, but it is also suitable for mixing with edibles.


100% certified hemp


Process in a joint or use it in a bong, water pipe or vaporizer.

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Dry and Dark


Contains 1g Purple Haze Extraction

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