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After "growing", harvesting and drying my first self-grown mushrooms, i couldn't wait to test them. Since this will be my first experience with Psychedelics, I would like to have everything planned well in advance. I definitely recommend this to anyone who uses Magic Mushrooms. First to arrange a "Trip Sitter". This is the down to earth person who can pay attention to all magic mushroom users. Make sure you have a trip stopper in advance. This provides a sense of security and safety if the trip becomes too intense, it ensures that the intensity decreases. This is (also) a natural remedy consisting of valerian and dextro that reduce the trip intensity.

Setting for use Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

The setting is extremely important for the use with magic mushroom. That is why I chose the place where I feel most comfortable, my home in the middle of the forest. In addition, the person or persons with whom you choose to have the trip are of course of enormous importance. Make sure that this is someone or several people with whom you have a good friendship or relationship with, that you can trust each other, like the chosen trip sitter. Furthermore, it is very important not to have time pressure, you need all the time to trip, no rush and no stress or unpleasant feelings. These could negatively affect the trip.


Trip report harvested Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

Good, so asking a good friend of mine to do Magic Mushrooms on Saturday afternoon seemed fun to him. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon we started with smoking a nice blunt, and we talked about the Mushroom Grow process and the planned Mushroom Trip. Unfortunately, our trip sitters were unable to arrive on time. Since that good friend of mine has some experience with psychedelics, we decided not to let it ruin our trip and still take the Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms. There are several methods of taking magic mushrooms. You can simply chew and eat, make soup or put tea with magic mushrooms. We choose to start to eat a portion of 1.5 gram of dry mushrooms per person. Ofcourse we have to weight our shrooms with a scale. A light trip is about 1 gram of dry mushrooms, 2 Grams is an average trip and 3 to 5 grams is a heavy trip. So we started eating them around 3pm. 

sacred geometry
We found the dry mushrooms both not as disgusting as we had heard, although some people say they are filthy, we were able to keep them inside, chew and swallow them. Drinking enough fluid or fluids makes swallowing after chewing easier. Around 4am we sat outside on the garden chairs with the sun above us with a nice joint and at once we both felt a very happy and euphoric feeling. As if we were very high and laughable, a bit like the first time or times when you (have) smoked weed. After a while we decided to take a little more, because we still felt a bit light, so we took about 1 gram, so we were now at 2.5 grams. When we went out after the magic mushroom food, we noticed that all the sounds became very sharp, and you could hear exactly everything, where it came from and how much. For example, on the (fast) road near me, or the birds in the sky and the blowing trees. Normally you hear a joint or mishmash of sound now we heard each sound very clearly separately from each other, really unique. Colors also started to get even more beautiful at this time. Of course, we also had a nice tune with it, a mix of psychedelic & space music as well as some of our favourite songs.

mushroom growkit

Music also sounded better, and the sounds were special and sharp. Around 5 o'clock and having a nice trip outside, we decided to eat something, that friend of mine and I ate some fresh chicken salad with dressing this tasted delicious! Our senses were really sharp at the moment. However, we increased our dosage to trip even better and harder, so we both took one gram of Magic Mushrooms. Oh Golden Teacher lead us the right way, we thought. So we sat outside again after eating both the salad and the mushrooms. I have, the clouds in the sky and the trees, the birds and all other sounds. However, I suddenly remembered that I really had to, and wanted to lie down. I got up too quickly, I wanted to walk from my garden to the living room, but I only came to the hall. Suddenly, all of a sudden, I didn't know what happened to me and I let myself go and lay there on the ground. I was in a kind of trance in a huge trip, in which I had closed my eyes but could hear and experience everything. At the same time I saw all kinds of geometric figures and shapes, symbols in all kinds of colors, really vague but bold. After a few minutes I opened my eyes and half realized what had happened and continued my way to the bank.

At this point, it would certainly have been useful if there had been a (sober) trip sitter! Let this be a wise lesson for the next time and for you as readers. It was still a very fun and intense trip. After some hours of chilling and tripping on the couch and listening to music, the feeling gradually diminished. It started to feel the way it did at the beginning, a bit of that stoned or euphoric feeling. At that time, two other friends passed by to chill and to share our experience (s) like now with you. I had a nice trip and enjoyed it. Hopefully you enjoyed my trip report too, and would you like to experience such a or a completely different trip? Click here: Magic Mushroom Growkit