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Germinating cannabis seeds in soil is a delicate process. Some growers, even if they have a lot of experience, run into problems. But most problems arise precisely because you do too much rather than too little. In this blog you will read what you can do to get your cannabis seeds through this period without too many problems.

The first step before germinating

Everything starts, of course, with the seeds you want to plant. Good seeds give the best chance of strong, healthy plants. Therefore, the first step is to check your cannabis seeds before you put them in the ground to germinate in soil. Most seeds will germinate, but poor quality seeds will produce weak plants in many cases. So what should you look for when checking your seeds? Look at the colour: if a seed is pale green or white, chances are it will not do well. Dark seeds are healthy and are likely to do well. This is true even if the seeds are somewhat damaged and the outer husk is broken.

How do you start sowing?

There are different ways to germinate your cannabis seeds. Some growers are convinced that the best start for a seed is on a piece of wet kitchen paper. But in nature, a cannabis plant certainly doesn't start its life that way either. When the seed starts germinating, a fragile root forms and starts looking for fertile soil. That root can easily be damaged if you have to transplant it from a saucer with kitchen paper to a pot. Also, the germinating seed already has to deal with a move right away. That's already a spicy start. That's why it's better to let your cannabis seeds germinate in the ground.

Germinating cannabis seeds in soil

A better start for your cannabis seeds is therefore to sow them directly in soil. No moving is then necessary, and the seed has all the space it needs to grow there. Take a pot and put good potting soil in it. Start by making a hole in the soil half a centimetre deep. Put the seed in this hole and cover it with a layer of soil. Then pour some water on top of the soil. Do this with care and make sure the soil is slightly moist.

Next, you can put foil on the soil so that it can retain moisture better. As soon as the seed germinates, and you see the first green appear, you can remove this foil. Make sure the soil remains slightly moist. The taproot will grow deeper into the soil and absorb nutrients. The plant will grow bigger, until the pot is filled with roots. Then your little plant is ready to be transferred to a large pot or in full soil. Want to know more about germinating and growing weed? Then start with good preparation and use The Cannabis Grow Bible.

How long does it take to germinate cannabis seeds in soil?

If you now want to grow cannabis seeds in pots, it is good to know something about the life cycle of the cannabis plant. In moist soil, the seed will germinate and grow into a beautiful plant. For that germination, seeds don't need much. A temperature between 20 and 26 degrees is ideal. The seeds will then take between 3 and 10 days to germinate. If the temperature is lower, it will take a little longer. If the temperature is lower than 15 degrees, this can inhibit growth. So make sure you put the pots in a place that is warm enough.

And now, is it important to do anything else for your cannabis seeds? Do they need extra nutrition, for instance? Germination is a natural process that you should really just let take its course. If the seed has water, soil and warmth, it will happen by itself. Quietly, the little seed will develop, and suddenly you will discover a green dot in the earth that grows into a small plant. If you don't disturb this process any further, your patience will eventually be rewarded. Even if you don't see anything happening within a few days, it's no reason to panic yet. Only if nothing can be seen in the pot after two weeks, something has probably gone wrong. But unfortunately there's nothing you can do about that then either.

Is germinating cannabis seeds in soil the best way?

Are there any disadvantages to planting seeds in soil? Basically, the disadvantages are only for the grower. For example, you can't see if the seeds are germinating. This can result in you spending two weeks waiting for a seed that never emerges. There is also the chance that you may have put the seed too deep in the ground, causing problems for it to rise above ground.

Sowing in the ground has many advantages for the seed. Still, your choice of method depends on your own preferences. Germinating on damp kitchen paper may be the best option for you. Even if you are working with a hydro system, it is better not to germinate your seeds in soil. Rockwool plugs are usually preferred then. Look at what suits your situation best and then get started with your cannabis seeds.