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A bong, also known as a bong, is a handy tool for smoking cannabis. Some smokers find it a nicer method of getting high than, say, a jonko with tobacco. Bongs can be bought in all kinds of designs, from impressive glass works of art to petite and practical pipes. But you can also make your own bong. Read how to make a bong step by step here.

Why use a bong?

A big advantage of making and using a bong is that it allows you to smoke only the pure product. So you avoid all those unhealthy and addictive additives they put in tobacco. A bong also comes in handy when you like to take big mouthfuls. It allows you to inhale considerable amounts of smoke. And that looks a lot more impressive than the vapours of a jonko. Moreover, the water in the bong helps cool that smoke so it is less hot. And thus less likely to damage your airways.

bong weed

Make a cannabis bong in 5 steps

Let's start with what you all need to make your own bong to smoke cannabis (or anything else delicious). The good thing is: chances are you already have all these supplies in your home.

  • empty 0.5-2 litre plastic bottle, such as a cola or water bottle
  • pen or tube
  • lighter and cigarette or paperclip
  • tape
  • knife or scissors
  • aluminium foil
  • pin or needle
  • water
  • cannabis/weed/hash

Step 1
Take your PET bottle and make a hole a few mm from the bottom. This hole should be just big enough for a tube. You can burn this hole in with a cigarette. Or use a paperclip that you heat to make the hole with this.

Step 2
In the hole will later be your tube. As a tube, you can use the ferrule of a pen; it has the ideal diameter and length.

Step 3
Before you put the tube in, you need to provide it with a container in which you put your cannabis. You craft this quite easily from aluminium foil. Use several layers of foil and poke a few holes in each layer with the pin or needle. As you will understand, the aim is to make sure there are enough holes to let the cannabis smoke through without bits of weed or hash flying around. You also need to be able to light the cannabis, of course. A second option is to roll a joint, which you put in the tube and light later.

Step 4
Put the tube into the hole at an angle such that it is submerged in the bottle. The other end sticks up into the air outside the bottle. Make the hole with the tube in it airtight. Use duct tape, glue or some other tool to make sure the hole is truly airtight.

Step 5
Put water in the bottle. Not too much, not too little. Ideally, about a third of the bottle. By the way, you can also use something other than water. In fact, a nice juice or ranja adds a great extra flavour experience!

Step 6
Make a hole higher up in the bottle to allow air to pass through. This hole should ideally be the same size as the hole in the pipe. So feel free to use a cigarette for this too.

Step 7
Your homemade bong is ready! Put some weed in the aluminium foil tub or insert the joint and light it up. Inhale through the bottle opening.

cannabis bong

Make your own bong or buy one?

Although it is possible to make a bong yourself, there are also drawbacks to such a DIY bong. For instance, it is not ultimately safe. Plastic and fire do not always go well together, of course. Besides: the eye wants something too. The question is how many friends you will make at parties if you show up with a bong made of plastic and duct tape...

So consider making your own bong to smoke weed from as a nice little experiment. If you want to consume cannabis like this more often, we recommend investing a few euros in a ready-made bong. Such bongs are made of high-quality and above all suitable materials such as glass, silicone, ceramic or acrylic. This not only makes them safer, but also more durable. They can also cool and filter better than a homemade bong. Going to a party and want that bong experience? Then go for a handy pipe.