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Have you heard of Ololiuqui? These seeds from the Rivea corymbosa plant have been used for centuries in Aztec cultures. What can you use it for? Tripping! These 100% natural seeds have the potential to give you an LSD-like trip. This article tells you everything you need to know about Ololiuqui, its effects and how to use it.

What is Ololiuqui?

Ololiuqui is the Aztec name for the seeds of a family of plants that have been consumed for many, many centuries by Aztecs and Mayans, among others. Like many other ancient trip aids, it was used in religious and spiritual ceremonies. Even today, local tribes use the stuff for this purpose. The first signs we see of Ololiuqui in world history date back to 1570. At the time, a Spanish doctor published about it. This man had an (understandable) fascination with the flora and fauna of Mexico, and therefore also delved into this magical plant. In it, he describes how priests took Ololiuqui and then tripped. In the process, they received messages from the supernatural and were in contact with the gods. No cat's pee, then!

The many names for Ololiuqui

The Aztec people sometimes call Ololiuqui differently. Names like coaxihuitl, cuexpalli, a-mu-kia, huan-mei and xtabentum refer to exactly the same little plant. All these different names for the same little plant have one thing in common: they are pretty mouth-breathers! At least for us - perhaps locals have less trouble with them.

The effects

These seeds contain the substance LSA, a precursor to LSD. Totally legal, but with intense effects! The effects of Ololiuqui can be compared to those of LSD, mescaline cacti and psilocybin-containing trip aids such as magic mushrooms and truffles. Expect visuals, an intense colour palette, and changes in your perception of time and space. A trip lasts six to 10 hours, similar to an LSD trip, in other words.

Safe tripping on Ololiuqui

As with all trip drugs, it is wise to take the necessary precautions when tripping on these seeds. Make sure your environment is pleasant, including the people around you. Arrange for a trip sitter to stay sober, or ask a friend to be available. Should your experience become unpleasant, having a chat with someone can help immensely. So above all, get someone to help you out of a bad trip. And read this article: After a bad trip: Here's how to tackle it next time, to ensure a smooth trip.

After such a long trip, the comedown can take some getting used to. With these tips: The end of your trip: How best to round off your trip? You will soon feel fresh and fruity again and can end the trip feeling good. Oh, and perhaps superfluous: avoid alcohol and other substances, as these can have unwanted effects such as nausea and confusion.

Using Ololiuqui: tripping and microdosing

Taking Ololiuqui is simple. Want to trip? Then take 14-22 seeds from the packet, grind them or soak them in water for a while and then drink that. You can also put them in the blender with some water for a while to get everything out of the seeds. You can also chew them.

Preferably use Ololiuqui on an empty stomach, as you would do with magic mushrooms and truffles.

You can also microdose with it, just like with other psychedelics like magic mushrooms and magic truffles. Rule of thumb for microdosing, is to take 1/10th to 1/20 of a trip dose. So in the case of Ololiuqui, just take 1 seed, at most 2. Just as easy!

Curious about these spiritual seeds? Buy your Ololiuqui seeds here and try it out for yourself!