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Tobacco smoking is a common habit, but also one of the most difficult addictions to get rid of. Smoking kills 8 million people a year, 1.3 million of whom do not even smoke themselves (but are passive smokers). Half of smokers die because of this habit. Shocking figures, yet a quarter of the world's population smokes. 70% of smokers want to quit, but only 5% succeed 'cold turkey; without aids and medication'. So smokers who want to quit can use all the help and tips they can get. To make it easier for themselves to quit and increase the chances of success. Do you want to get rid of your nicotine addiction and those miserable cravings for tobacco? It seems that some trip aids and alternative, natural remedies can help you do so. Read how here.

Quitting smoking: cold turkey versus with aids

What research on quitting smoking makes clear is that you are more likely to succeed when you use aids. These can be anything from medication, therapy and nicotine products. Nicotine substitutes such as patches, chewing gum, lozenges and spray are already known to reduce your cravings for a fag. Even more effective appears to be the combination of a patch together with a faster-acting nicotine product (such as nicotine gum). A study of as many as 40,000 smokers showed that such a combo increases your chances of quitting by 25%. And that's a lot, especially when you consider how difficult it simply is to quit.

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Is ketamine an effective smoking cessation tool?

Research is currently being conducted on the effectiveness of ketamine in quitting smoking. Previously, it became clear that this drug can help with depression and anxiety. Those results were so promising that ketamine is now used in clinics and therapies for people with mental symptoms. And now it is emerging that it is also a tool for tobacco addicts who want to quit this habit.

How this works? It all seems to have to do with our dopamine metabolism. This is because smoking gives you a short-term shot of dopamine; a neurotransmitter that gives us a sense of reward. Smoking activates the reward system in our brain, so you quickly become addicted to it. Ketamine appears to be able to block the receptors involved in your reward system, reducing cravings. Incidentally, this mechanism works similarly in other addictions, such as those of cocaine, alcohol, cannabis and opioids.

Psilocybin therapy to quit smoking

Like ketamine, psilocybin is known to have therapeutic effects. Psilocybin is the active substance in magic mushrooms and truffles. It can make you trip (in larger quantities), but you can also microdose with it. And it has been shown to be an effective tool to help people get rid of anxiety and depression symptoms. But it can also benefit those who want to give up smoking. For instance, studies show the effectiveness of an interesting smoking cessation programme: therapy combined with psilocybin tripping.

Yoga and meditation

Did you know that yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises can help you get rid of your tobacco addiction? So definitely dive into this world when you suffer from cravings.


Tobacco substitutes and snuff

Not every tobacco smoker is equally addicted. For instance, there is a large group of people who only smoke tobacco when they smoke a joint. Or when they have been drinking. Do you do that occasionally and have no cravings the rest of the days, but want to get rid of tobacco? Then look into tobacco substitutes such as damiana. These contain only natural ingredients and are also not physically addictive - unlike cigarettes. Still, be moderate in use as our lungs are sensitive. If you want to get stoned without smoking, you can buy or make edibles. Especially read this article if you want to make your own cannabis edibles: Cooking with weed: 5 recipes with cannabis.

You can also spare your lungs and still experience a nicotine kick by using rapé: medicinal plants used for centuries by indigenous tribes. This is said to cleanse your soul and mind - a nice added bonus!

Passion flower

Several studies on the natural remedy; passion flower, show that it is a potential aid in beating nicotine addiction. Passion flower also helps with anxiety and insomnia. In addition, it is an anti-inflammatory. All effects that help most people live a healthier life.