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Catmint, also known as catnip for humans, can be found among our relaxing products and hallucinogenic herbs. If you have a cat yourself, you have probably envied how happy it got from a serving of catmint. But did you know that even you as a human can get high from this plant's brother? No reason for jealousy, then; next time, trip and chill with your fluffy housemate! Read all about catmint here. What exactly are the effects you can expect? And how exactly do you use it?

What is this catmint for people?

We see the use of catmint(Nepeta Cataria) in several ancient civilisations from around the world. It grows in Europe, Asia and America, among others. Because catnip is related to the mint plant, it is also called catmint. And of course because cats absolutely love this little plant! The leaves and stems of the plant contain the substance nepetalactone. Cats have a good nose for this substance and are attracted to it. And we all know what happens as soon as a cat is left alone with a bunch of catmint.

What effects does catmint have on humans?

Catmint has several effects for us humans. Among other things, it is full of antioxidants, and these have various health benefits. Some of the positive effects of this herb include:

Rest, sleep and mood

First, catnip contains a substance most similar to valerian. If you are familiar with this, you know that this plant is calming and can promote sleep. But not only that: research shows that catmint can reduce depressive symptoms, as well as stress and anxiety. If these are issues you suffer from, it is definitely worth a try. For severe symptoms, we obviously recommend seeking professional help, for instance through your GP.

High and euphoria

In higher doses, catmint can be called a mild trip drug; in lower doses, the effect is most comparable to that of cannabis. Unfortunately, you won't get as high as a cat can from this herb, but you can certainly count on a pleasant effect.

Less abdominal discomfort and gas

Traditionally, catnip is used for abdominal complaints such as flatulence and cramping. Studies show that it can indeed have a soothing effect on gastrointestinal problems. So feel free to try it if your tummy is often acting up! It can also be a godsend for those who suffer from menstrual cramps, according to some studies.

Less affected by colds, coughs and illnesses

Are you sick? Then catmint can ease the symptoms. It has been used for hundreds of years for all sorts of ailments that can make you feel minuscule. Suffering from coughing fits? Good to know is that catmint seems to help with this too. It even seems to be effective for asthma.

Works for fever and fluid retention

If you sometimes retain fluids, try this herb. This is because it has a diuretic effect, so it will make you urinate or sweat more.

How to use catmint as a human?

Would you like to use catmint as a human? Then it is best to make tea of it. Follow the guidelines below.

  1. Simply add the catmint to water and boil for up to 10 minutes. Of our Catmint tea, add about 25 grams to a litre of water, which you let steep for 15 minutes after boiling.
  2. If necessary, add another flavouring, such as a spoonful of honey/agave or a tea with a different flavour.
  3. Then you can decide what the right dose is for you. If you want stronger effects, you can increase your dose.
  4. Watch out with other substances that have an effect on your mind, such as alcohol, sleeping pills and MAOIs. If in doubt about interaction with your medication, always consult a doctor before experimenting.

Smoking catmint: is it possible?

If you regularly light up a joint, you will probably wonder if you can also smoke it. The short answer: yes. Like almost any herb, you can smoke this little plant. But don't expect any effect from it. That is why we recommend following the steps above and making a nice pot of tea. Enjoy!