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Tripping is a unique experience that allows you to go on an inner adventure. Of course, you already take into account the place where you do it: you ensure good friends around you and also safety. You can enhance or deepen the experience by looking for the best places to trip. You can choose to find a beautiful, quiet place in nature or go to a frenzied dance party. If you are looking for the best places to trip, check out our suggestions below.

The 8 best places to trip

When you trip, with shrooms or with truffles, is recommended to ensure a positive and safe setting. You can choose to just trip at home, but by going to a unique, cozy or inspiring environment, you add something extra to your experience.

If you are going to use mind-altering substances for the first time, it is a good idea to do so in a familiar environment. You already get enough impressions to process. If you already have some experience with tripping, you can choose a different environment. Always make sure you are in a safe place and ask a sober friend to keep an eye on you (a tripsitter). Once that's all taken care of, let your psychedelic experience begin. These are the 8 best places for a wonderful, mind-blowing trip.

1. The serene tranquillity of nature

In nature, you come to yourself, and that effect is even stronger when you are under the influence of a mind-altering substance. Choose a place in a park or forest, where there are no other people. You get all the space to explore your own inner self. But nature itself is now also very different. Take your chance and walk barefoot through the grass, smell the plants and flowers. What comes in through your senses is now even more intense. You will fully enjoy your trip in nature.

2. Under the starry sky

One of the best places to trip with magic truffles or shrooms is under the stars. You will have to look for a location outside the city for this, but it is definitely worth it. Bring a blanket to sit or lie on, and possibly a blanket to keep you warm. If you can view the impressive starry sky during a trip, you can have a profound experience. Admire the moon, the stars, and let your mind wander about your own place in the universe. Under the influence of the drugs, you can get the feeling of floating among the stars. Who knows, you might even see a shooting star!

3. Best places to trip: psychedelic festival

Tripping at a festival is not a good idea for everyone. Especially if you have no experience yet, it is not recommended to trip with a lot of people around you. But psychedelic festivals are there to enjoy drugs in combination with music and dance. There are Psy-trance festivals all over Europe, where you can trip with others in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. There is beautiful music, good food and beautiful decors.

wonderland psytrance festival

4. Trips with a view

Beautiful views can enhance your trip experience in a powerful way. So you have to find a nice view for this: a beautiful sunset on the beach, on top of a mountain with a panoramic view or maybe you go for an impressive skyline of a city. Experience a trip like never before while losing yourself in this panoramic view.

5. Participate in a mind-blowing ceremony

Another great place to trip is during a ceremony. These are organized by experienced guides, who not only ensure a safe environment, but can also help you get deeper during the trip. This allows you to get a lot of value out of it. There are many different ceremonies to choose from, such as a shamanic journey, Ayahuasca ceremony or a sound bath.

ceremonie psychedelics

6. Night in the woods

We mentioned earlier that tripping in nature is recommended. But you can make it even more beautiful by going camping in the woods. You can then find a more secluded place and have the whole night for your trip adventure. Instead of sleeping, you see nightfall, and you can experience with all your senses what is happening in the forest.

7. Dancing at an Ecstatic Dance Party

Ecstatic dancing means that you completely surrender to the dance. It is part of various religious movements and is also used by natural peoples. Your body can move diligently to the rhythm, while you yourself enter a trance state. The music is usually traditional with a lot of percussion. Of course, you can also go to a modern dance party with a DJ. It's about losing yourself completely in the movement. Under the influence of drugs, this can be a very deep spiritual experience.

8. Participate in yoga in a yoga shala

It may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but practising yoga during your trip can bring you a lot. A yoga shala has a different approach than a regular yoga studio. In a yoga shala the emphasis is not so much on physical development, but on spirituality. So more attention is paid to, for example, meditation. If you turn inward and are under the influence of a psychedelic, this can make your inner journey a lot more powerful.