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Everyone is familiar with the “hangover”: the lousy feeling you can get from drinking too much alcohol. When you use marijuana, you may think that the advantage is that there is no hangover. But that is unfortunately not true. The feeling is not exactly the same, but the cannabis hangover or weed hangover also exists! In this blog, we'll explain the symptoms and how to avoid getting a hangover from cannabis.


The weed hangover: what are the symptoms?

After a fun night out or partying, cheered up with a few joints, you crawl into bed, still ignorant of how you'll feel the next day. When you wake up, it turns out that you are definitely not feeling optimal. Headache, dehydrated, red eyes and nausea make you prefer to stay in bed. This is a weed hangover. You may suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Red eyes and a dry mouth: Your eyes feel irritated and your mouth feels dry as sandpaper.
  • Headache: This is one of the most common complaints of a weed hangover. This is usually less severe than with a hangover caused by alcohol and disappears after a few hours.
  • Nausea: If you are nauseous from a weed hangover, it is probably not as severe as if you drank too much alcohol. This usually improves pretty quickly too.
  • Brainfog: Your thoughts go from here to there and you feel confused. You can't get an overview and you can't concentrate. Brainfog is especially annoying if you have to work or study that morning.

Differences with an alcohol hangover

The complaints of a weed hangover are generally less severe than those of an alcohol hangover. After excessive alcohol consumption, you may experience nausea, which may also include vomiting. People suffer from severe headaches, which can also last for a long time. Visual and spatial problems and balance disorders arise. In addition, sleeping problems can occur. An alcohol hangover is caused by acetaldehyde. The levels of this substance in the blood get too high, which can cause the symptoms you feel with a hangover.


The causes of a weed hangover?

Just as the symptoms of a cannabis hangover can differ per person, the cause can also be different for everyone. Below are some causes mentioned, but it may well be a combination of factors.

The method of use

How you use cannabis can affect how you respond to it. Your body gets used to the way you use it, such as smoking, eating edibles or vaping. If you are used to a certain way and you suddenly start using a different method, it can cause a weed hangover. This is mainly because the concentration of THC can differ. You can get it at edibles are much higher than when you smoke weed. So try to stick to one method as much as possible. Check out our blog about Cannabis edibles for more info.

High dose of THC

Pay close attention to the percentage of THC that your joint or edible contains. Old-school users claim that the percentage of THC has become much higher (six times higher) in recent years. If you use a strain with 25% THC, that could very well be the cause of your weed hangover. If you notice that you react strongly to this, try a strain with a lower percentage of THC, that can save a lot of trouble.

Cannabis quality

The quality of the weed can also play a role. Poor quality weed can contain residues of pesticides or chemicals, and these can have a big impact on the effect of the weed. So make sure you always buy good quality weed or grow your own cannabis.

Eating binges

Good food and cannabis belong together, because you can suffer from the munchies (binge eating). You can indulge in snacks and sweets. But all this fat and sugar can play tricks on you in the morning and amplify the effects of a weed hangover.


What helps against a weed hangover?

Although a weed hangover is not as severe as a hangover from alcohol, the complaints can really ruin your morning. But luckily, you can do something about this! Use the tips below to limit the effects of a weed hangover.

1. Eating a healthy meal

Filling your stomach with a nutritious meal is a great way to counteract the effects of a weed hangover. Take, for example, a plate of oatmeal with pieces of fruit or a smoothie with banana. Make sure you get minerals, vitamins, complex carbohydrates and proteins. Oatmeal contains all that, so it is definitely recommended.

2. Drinking water

Make sure you drink water as soon as possible after getting up. That helps against the dehydration of your body and quickly gives you some energy. Continue to drink a glass of water regularly throughout the morning to help you feel better quickly. Coffee can help with the brain fog, but make sure you drink water first to avoid dehydration even more.

3. Use CBD

If you are prone to weed hangovers, try CBD Oil. CBD counteracts the effects of THC, reducing the chance that you will suffer from a hangover. You can also opt for a strain with a higher percentage of CBD.


Prevent a weed hangover

Of course, it's best to avoid getting a weed hangover. You can do this by paying attention to the following points.

Don't start too late

A weed hangover can possibly be prevented by starting on time. Make sure that you have taken your last puff more than three hours before you go to sleep. This gives you enough time to ensure that the effects of THC have worn off before you go to bed.

Note the THC content

As you could read earlier, a high level of THC is one of the causes of a weed hangover. So it's a good idea to choose a strain with a moderate to low THC content if you'd rather avoid the woes of a weed hangover.

Do not combine fabrics

Do not combine different substances, that can have very nasty consequences. If you drink alcohol, stick to that, and that includes cannabis. Mixing substances can only increase the chance of negative effects. Always test your drugs before using.