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THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that will get you high or stoned. But did you know that when you take CBD-candy prior before smoking your joint, you can enhance your high! Most people do not know there is an interaction between CBD and THC. Many studies have shown this. The best known cannabinoid besides the THC in cannabis is CBD. 

Interaction between CBD and THC

There is an interaction that takes place between CBD and THC. Because cannabis contains a lot of both substances, this interaction is not very noticeable when smoking weed. However, this is clearly noticeable when taking the substances separately. If you take a CBD candy / edible before smoking weed, an interaction between these two substances can take place.

The interaction between CBD and THC has been shown in several studies. However, different results have been obtained from different studies. For example, one of the first studies showed that CBD would actually reduce the effect of THC.

A study from Australia, however, has shown that this is not true. This is because Cannabidiol (CBD) would actually enhance the effect of THC. It has also been shown that a high amount of Cannabidiol itself would also cause a kind of high.

The study

The study into the interaction between CBD and THC has been done by 36 people using vaporizers containing different types of cannabis. Different doses were administered by the vaporizers. This was intended to demonstrate the effect of the different cannabinoids.

This was done with five different doses. For example, they took a placebo, only THC, high CBD, THC with low CBD and THC with high CBD. Blood pressure was measured and blood was taken. The level of intoxication was tested. This is really just how high someone is.

Reinforcing effect of CBD

Research has also shown that CBD has a strengthening effect has in combination with THC. A CBD candy or edible could boost your high. However, this is only the case with a low dose of Cannabidiol and with a normal dose of THC. However, this is not the case with a high dose of CBD with THC.

A stronger high was experienced with a low dose of CBD in combination with THC than when only THC would be taken. The feeling of the high also amplified. This means that a low dose of CBD (such as 5 mg CBD candy or a drop of CBD oil) actually enhances the high you get from the THC.

Despite the fact that a low dose of Cannabidiol has been shown to increase the high of the THC, according to the researchers it is not yet clear exactly how this works. However, this can have a major impact on the recommended ratio of THC to CBD that should be taken for the optimal high.

Cannabis CBD candy / edibles enhance the high of THC?

It is possible to amplify your high by consuming a CBD candy or edible just before lighting or vaping a joint. This can be a nice addition for smoking weed. However, taking a large amount of CBD before you plan to smoke will reduce the effect of the high. For this reason, it is not recommended eating multiple CBD candy/edibles before smoking weed. This will ensure that the high you get will only diminish instead of amplifying it. Take for example CBD candy / edible with 5 mg 5 minutes before lighting or turning on your joint / vaporizer. If you want to experience a strong high, there are some factors to consider. It is useful to eat a CBD candy /edible beforehand. However, it is important to take into account the dose you are taking.

The ideal dose for CBD in relation to THC is 1:2. This means that if you ingest 8 milligrams of THC, it is best to take 4 milligrams of CBD with this.

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