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The popularity of nicopods are increasing strongly. The so-called nicotine pouches can help smokers to get rid of their addiction. The pouch is the size of a piece of chewing gum and releases flavor and nicotine. For many, nicopods are the new smoking. But what exactly is a nicopod, how does it work, and why is it so popular? We'll tell you in this article.

What are Nicopods?

A nicopod, or nicotine pouch, is a white pouch filled with a type of powder. It contains a certain nicotine content and is made on a vegetable basis. The Nicopod is a modern successor of the Swedish snus, but completely without tobacco. You can't see the bag when you use it, you don't smell it, and it's not nearly as harmful as smoking. So you are not a burden to others. And an additional advantage: it won't discolor your teeth either.

Good to know: Nicopods have different names. They are called nicotine pouches, chew, tobacco-free snus, white snus or killa pods.

The composition of a nicopod

Before you start using a nicopod, it is useful to know what the pod consists of. It is made entirely on a vegetable basis and consists of a number of ingredients:

  • Vegetable fiber used to maintain pouch consistency.
  • A salt extracted from tobacco leaves for the nicotine content.
  • Natural flavor enhancers to enhance the taste of each sachet.
  • Stabilizers used to adjust pH.
  • Sugar substitutes that are used as a flavor enhancer.

What is snus?

Snus is a precursor to the nicopod, but these two names are often used interchangeably or with each other. When one talks about snus, it may be that he means a nicopod or vice versa. Yet there is a difference: snus contains tobacco and a nicopod does not. Furthermore, they look very much alike. Just like a Nicopod, Snus is a kind of powder in a bag. But because it contains tobacco, it cannot be sold in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. Except in Sweden, where Snus originally comes from.

How do you use a nicopod?

A nicopod is elongated in shape, soft to the touch and slightly moist. You simply place them under your upper lip against your gums. You leave the sachet there for a few minutes and the sachet releases flavor and nicotine. How long the pod lasts varies, but in general the flavor lasts for a few minutes to hours. Most people keep them in their mouths for between 15 minutes to an hour.

How does a nicopod work?

The nicotine from the nicopod enters your bloodstream directly through your saliva and blood vessels in your mouth. This provides a relaxing and invigorating effect, very similar to smoking. This is due to the nicotine that is released during use. A nicopod alone does not affect your airways and is much less addictive.

Nicopods as an alternative to smoking

A nicopod can help you quit smoking. A pod has almost the same effect as smoking, but without health risks. A good alternative to smoking or to quit smoking, like for a cannabis smoker a vaporizer. The nicotine in the pod provides you with your nicotine needs, and the added aromas also provide a nice taste. And if your goal is to completely get rid of your nicotine addiction, you can eventually use nicotine-free bags.

Is a nicopod a safe alternative to smoking?

Nicopods do not release combustion products and are therefore safer than smoking. In addition, with the use of nicopods, the nicotine enters your mouth directly through saliva and the small blood vessels. Smoking is about your lungs, which carries a lot more risks. However, there is no safe alternative to smoking, but with the use of nicopods you do achieve a major health benefit. The chance of addiction is also much smaller than with smoking.

Of course, we also offer vaporizers with which you can smoke cannabis without mixing tobacco / nicotine. Do you want to know more about this? Click here!

As of today, there is a ban on the sale of nicotine pouches (snus) containing 0.035 or more milligrams of nicotine without tobacco. The product is harmful to health.