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Mulungu - 10 ML

Mulungu - 10 ML
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Nature has plenty of wonders in store when it comes to medicinal herbs and plants. One of these is mulungu, which is a plant native to parts of South America, especially Brazil. The extract of this plant, known as mulungu extract, has made its way into the world of natural health products, mainly because of its purported therapeutic properties. In this article, we explore the uses, effects, precautions and warnings surrounding mulungu extract. Mulungu (Erythrina mulungu) is a tree native to tropical regions of South America. The bark and wood of this tree have been used in the traditional medicine of indigenous tribes for centuries.


Mulungu is often used to relieve anxiety and stress, thanks to its supposed calming properties. It is also used as a natural antidepressant, although scientific evidence supporting this use is limited.


Do not take more than 1 to 3 drops per day.


Shamanita Mulungu Extract - 10 ml


Although mulungu extract is generally considered safe for use, it is important to take into account some precautions. People with low blood pressure or taking medications that affect blood pressure should be cautious, as mulungu can lower blood pressure. It is also recommended to avoid mulungu extract if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as there is insufficient information on its safety in these situations.

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