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CBD Lollypop - Orange

CBD Lollypop - Orange
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The CBD lollypop Orange from Dr. Candy is a sweet treat with a healthy twist! Cannabidiol or CBD is a substance that occurs in the hemp plant. This substance contains many positive properties related to mental and physical health. CBD is not the substance that gets you high or stoned. However, after smoking a joint, the CBD lollipop Cherries can enhance the high feeling. This is because in addition to CBD, other plant-specific substances are also present, such as CBN. Cannabinol (CBN) acts as a powerful sedative. The amounts in this lollipop are far from enough to feel anything if you combine it with THC. The fusion of these two substances has a powerful effect. CBD candy are used for the taste and unique effects of CBD. The taste of a cannabis CBD oil drop is strong and can be experienced as unpleasant by many. The Orange CBD lollipops from Dr. Candy contains no less than 10 mg of CBD. Of course, we offer these healthy lollipops in multiple flavors such as cola, apple, pineapple, orange, piña colada, and cannabis. So there is something for everyone. The lollipops of Dr. Candy does not contain sugar, so it is suitable for every person, even if you are on a sugar-free diet. Isomalt has been chosen as the sweetener. Do you want to ingest CBD, but are you tired of the unpleasant taste of CBD drops? Then quickly order these delicious lollipops from Dr. Candy!


  • Flavor Orange
  • Isomalt 
  • Natural dye


CBD works in the body the moment there is a mirror. We always advise starting with 1 or two CBD lollipops per day for a week and improve as desired. By taking a cannabis leaf every day, you build up a level of CBD in the blood. CBD has strong properties. An overdose of CBD is unlikely. We do, however, recommend that you no longer take 100 mg of CBD per day.

Storage advice

Keep this product in a cool and dark place such as a kitchen cupboard and out of the reach of children.< /p>


Dr. Candy CBD Lollypop Orange - 10 mg CBD


Not suitable for pregnant women and children.

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