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Solid 10% CBD Strawberry Diesel Extraction 1G

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Solid 10% CBD Strawberry Diesel Extraction 1G
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If you want to use CBD, you can also opt for solid 10% CBD Strawberry Diesel Extraction. This is a solid hash, meaning it is a natural extract obtained by dry sieving the tops of industrial hemp. Then cubes are pressed, which are enriched with the terpenes that naturally occur in the Strawberry Diesel strain. As a result, this hash has the characteristic sweet strawberry flavor, combined with the spicy aroma of diesel.

Solid CBD hash contains no more than 0.2% THC, so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without getting high. or getting stoned. It does contain 10% CBD, making this hash suitable for getting your daily dose of this cannabinoid. It is widely used for pain and inflammation: CBD may have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It is also a nice natural remedy for anxiety, unrest, stress or a gloomy mood. CBD has a calming effect and can bring your emotions back into balance.

Solid 10% CBD Strawberry Diesel can be used in the way you like. It can be processed in a joint, but also vaporized in a vaporizer, bong or water pipe. Check whether your vaporizer is suitable for vaping hash, because not all of them are. 


100% certified hemp


Incorporate in a joint or use in a bong, water pipe or vaporizer. 

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Dry and Dark


Contains 1g solid CBD Strawberry Diesel

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