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Jelly 22% CBD Amnesia vs BB Extraction 1G + 1G

Jelly 22% CBD Amnesia vs BB Extraction 1G + 1G
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Welcome to the exploration of two exceptional CBD Jelly products: Jelly 22% CBD Amnesia and Blueberry. In the dynamic world of CBD products, these two varieties stand out for their unique aromas and concentrations, offering CBD lovers a refined and enjoyable experience. CBD Jelly 22% CBD Amnesia is a choice for those who prefer a lively and fresh experience. The Amnesia strain is known for its remarkable aroma that is often described as a mix of citrus and earthy notes. This aroma profile makes it a popular choice among CBD users looking for a product with a stimulating aroma and high CBD content.


100% certified hemp


Jelly 22% CBD Amnesia vs Blueberry Extraction can be used in several ways. Crumble the hash and process it in a joint (you can also combine it with weed). The CBD hash can also be used in a bong, waterpipe or vaporizer. Note that not all vaporizers are suitable for vaping hash.

Storage advice:

Store dry and dark and out of the reach of children.


Contains 1g Amnesia and 1g BB Extraction

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