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All In One Growkits


All-In-One McSmart developed high quality grow kits

McSmart is a wholesaler in smart and headshop products that started cultivating and selling magical psilocybe truffles, growkits and medicinal mushrooms extract. Today, with an assortment of 2500 smart and headshop items, McSmart is a major player in the field of smart drugs and headshop products. Gaining knowledge of growing and cultivating for two decades and further developing it into today's perfectly balanced grow kit. These seasoned psychonauts have managed to bring a grow kit to the market with a 95% emergence rate, provided of course the set-up rules are adhered to. These grow kits have a potent mycelium and are capable of growing strong psilocybe mushrooms.In addition, McSmart also offers mushroom spores for the real experts. The customer service team is professional and always has answers to the most difficult questions. Once again a respected company with excellent quality All-In-One grow kits.

All-In-One Psilocybe psilocybe magic mushroom grow kit

The All-In-One psilocybe magic mushroom grow kit, which you can buy from us, are just like the others easy to set up and cultivate. There are steps that differ from, for example, those of the Mondo grow kit. As always, with the All-In-One grow kits you start by washing your hands well up to your elbows. Remove the lid of the All-In-One grow kit and prick several holes spread over the substrate with a clean fork. Fill the grow kit with water (20ºC) to the brim and let it soak for 1 hour. Then carefully pour out the water, max. 10 seconds. Depending on the content of the grow kit (250,1200,2100cc), pour 1/2 liter (1200&2100cc) of water into the growbag/grow bag. Close the grow bag with a paper clip by folding the opening twice. Now we have to wait until the first psilocybe mushroom caps start to appear. At the first view of the pre-pins, we recommend opening the grow kit daily and moistening the inside of the grow kit with a plant sprayer. From now on, open the mushroom grow bag every day so that you can provide mushrooms with new oxygen. Do not moisten the grow kit or the mushrooms themselves!

What do you get when you buy the All-In -One psilocybe mushroom Growkit buy

The name says it all "All-In-One". This grow kit contains everything you need to grow beautiful psilocybe mushrooms. This kit includes a 250, 1200 or 2100cc grow box, a grow bag/grow bag and a paper clip. Water from the tap can be used to fill the grow kit and the grow bag. If you do not live in the Netherlands, we advise you to use mineral water instead of tap water. After all, you are going to eat the mushrooms yourself, so using clean water is an advantage.

Multiple psilocybe mushrooms harvesting (flushes) possible with the All-In-One Growkit

It goes without saying that you can get multiple harvests from one All-In-One mushroom growkit. The psychonauts, very experienced mushroom users, talk about achieving a maximum of 4 harvests. Now this is not realistic for a first introduction to cultivating psilocybe magic mushrooms. Inexperienced cultivators will be able to harvest 2 times easily anyway. It is important during the harvest that the process of removing the psilocybe mushrooms is done properly. The removal of the magic mushrooms should be done in a rotating movement with a gentle pull. Try to pull almost all mushroom material from the mycelium. This will make room for the next flush. The more space, the bigger the next crop. Always use the correct growth supplies get maximum yield.

Yield harvest psilocybe mushroom All- In-One Growkit

In our range we offer the All-In-One grow kits from McSmart in three different sizes. The 250, 1200 and 2100cc have different amounts of harvest results due to the different sizes. The 250cc is a grow kit that can easily produce 100 grams of fresh psilocybin mushrooms. The 1200cc is between 400 to 500 grams of fresh mushroom harvest and the 2100 around 700 to 900 grams. Of course, this indication is valid with a perfectly executed cultivation process. Light also plays a role in growing psilocybin mushrooms.

What makes the All-In- One psilocybe magic mushrooms?

In magic mushrooms or truffles contains the substance psilocybin that is broken down into psilocin in the body. Psilocin is the actual psychedelic substance that interacts with the brain. This is the substance of which you can trip, hallucinate and/or awaken spiritually. Once broken down into the substance psilocin, it will reach the brain through the bloodstream. The substance serotonin (hormone) is responsible for our mood, feelings of well-being and happiness. The serotonin receptors see no difference between the psilocin and the serotonin cell, allowing the psilocin to bind to the serotonin receptor and manifest into a potent entheogen with psychedelic effects.

Different psilocybe mushroom All-In-One grow kits for every user level

Don't be a hero and don't choose a strong psilocybe mushroom strain if you haven't have come into contact with magic mushrooms is a powerful substance capable of effecting changes in consciousness in large quantities. Clear insights, visions, hallucinations and a strong sense of euphoria are all effects that psilocybin can manifest itself in. If you are not willing to let go of total control, stay away from the strong mushroom strain. There are plenty of All-In-One magic mushroom grow kits with different strengths for beginners (All-In-One GrowKit Mexican) to experts (All-In-One GrowKit McKennaii) and in between (All-In-One GrowKit Ecuadorian).

All-In-One grow kits for the novice psilocybin mushroom users:

  • All-In-One GrowKit Thai
  • All-In-One GrowKit B+

All-In-One growkits for the average psilocybin mushroom users:

  • All-In-One GrowKit Colombian
  • All-In-One GrowKit Cambodian

All-In-One grow kits v For the experienced psilocybin mushroom users:

  • All-In-One GrowKit Golden Teacher
  • All-In-One GrowKit Mazatapec

Freshmushrooms psilocybe mushroom growkit, a simple way of growing magic mushrooms

In addition to the formidable All-In-One grow kits, we also offer grow kits from the brands Freshmushrooms and Mondo. Freshmushrooms offer a wide range of magic mushroom gowkits with different strengths. These magic mushroom growkits are the easiest to grow because they contain 100% mycelium. This means that for the 1st harvest no water or other complicated steps have to be taken when setting up the growkit.  These are Plug and Play growkits, as it were!

Mondo psilocybe magic mushroom Growkits

The Mondo is very similar to the All-In-One magic mushroom growkit with its setup instructions. The yields of these two growkits are more often larger than FreshMushrooms, but also requires a little more effort to set up and to set up the Mondo growkit. But all in all it is not that bad. Mondo are specialists in the field of mushroom spores and cultivation.

Microdosing with psilocybin magic mushrooms or truffles

Of course, you can dry and weigh psilocybe mushrooms encapsulate for Microdosing is becoming a trend in this time of stress and societal pressures, we also offer Microdose fresh truffles. The doses have been weighed and can be consumed immediately from the packaging!

Storing your All-In-One McSmart, Mondo and FreshMushrooms mushroom growkits

The mushroom growkits can be However, we do not recommend this and advise you to set up the grow kit immediately upon arrival. If the grow kit is stored, it is placed in the refrigerator without cleaning it first. Bacteria are not visible to the eye and can therefore contaminate the grow kit unseen. It is therefore an advantage, if you want to store the grow kit, to place it in a clean refrigerator with a temperature between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius.

Buy magic psilocybe magic mushrooms at

At 24High Mushroomshop you can easily buy a psilocybe magic mushroom grow kit or truffles. We have a wide range of mushroom grow kits or truffles of different strengths. Not sure which psilocybe magic mushroom strain or strength suits you best? Please contact us ( We will make the right choices together to ensure you have a great experience. You can buy mushroom grow kit at 24High!