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In the Netherlands, we are naturally incredibly spoiled when it comes to cannabis. Not only can you easily get top cannabis, we are also allowed to grow it ourselves. And that gives you full control over the quality of the harvest. But great cannabis can also be found outside our cannabis paradise. In the smokers scene, the American cannabis strain Cali Weed is highly regarded. Cali weed refers to the state from which it originates: California. When it comes to marijuana, it is the most progressive state in the USA. And you can think a lot about America, but one thing is certain: they like it strong. So that's exactly what Cali Weed is known for... Read all about this strain and the effects you can expect from it here.

California and marijuana: a golden move

While many Americans have spent years in jail for a little marijuana possession, California is now a walhalla for marijuana lovers. Indeed, in 2016, the state voted in favour of Proposition 64. This legalised and regulated possession, sale and use of cannabis for recreational purposes. This allows Cali Weed to be produced safely and in a controlled manner. And that, of course, benefits the user.

The state itself is also likely to be happy about legalisation: they earned almost 6 billion annually from the sale of recreational and medicinal cannabis. And that's more than what the state earns from wine, whereas previously 'Cali' was mostly known for that in terms of exports. California has an incredibly sunny climate and fertile soil, which is not only good for thriving wine cultivation, but also ideal conditions for cannabis.

What is so special about Cali weed?

Cali Weed is known for its unrivalled quality. Growers in California have invested heavily in advanced cultivation methods since the legalisation of marijuana in their state. It's a booming business, which, as you read, involves an awful lot of money. This has led to cannabis harvests of exceptional quality. Californian growers also like to experiment with hybrids, exotic strains and designer weed. This creates great strains with distinctive flavours and other characteristics.

The most striking thing about Cali Weed is how strong this marijuana is. Regularly, the THC content exceeds 30 per cent. By comparison, the average THC content in our Dutch weed is around 17%. So make no mistake about Cali weed when you take a puff of a Californian toot. Connoisseurs additionally praise Cali Weed's delicious aromas. Also, the dried buds look beautiful. Definitely a cannabis strain to add to your collection - or grow yourself, of course.

Want to grow Cali Weed yourself? Our favourite Cali cannabis seeds

Want to grow the best Cali Weed yourself? With these seeds, you will bring top-quality Cali weed into your home!

OG Kush

OG Kush is a strain from Northern California. This cannabis strain is also incredibly strong. Per plant, you will be able to harvest around 65 grams - which will last you a while with such a powerful strain! Most of the genetics are Indica, but users experience the effect much more as Sativa. THC levels are average at 19%.

Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies is a Cali weed with a sweet aroma. A big plus of this cannabis strain is that you can grow it indoors as well as outdoors. However, they do a lot better outdoors, provided the climate is nice and warm. After a flowering period of up to 9 weeks, you can expect a generous harvest: how does 500 grams per plant sound? At 23%, the THC content is higher than that of OG Kush. And that makes Royal Cookies an absolute winner in terms of yield, strength and aroma!

Wedding Cake x Triple OG

Wedding Cake is internationally known as one of the very best strains from California. Add in the wonderfully soothing Triple OG strain, and you get the ultimate combo Wedding Cake x Triple OG. The aroma makes this strain true dessert weed: sweet, creamy and slightly sour. Expect euphoric and uplifting effects and a high THC content of 24%. Yields can be around 600-700 grams per plant, partly depending on whether you grow it indoors or outdoors.

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