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Spring is coming, and with it, the best time to sow your outdoor cannabis! A great hobby that you can do just fine in your backyard or balcony. But then you need to know how to go about it. And you have to deal with our Dutch weather and climate, which of course will affect the growing process and its outcome. So get a good start with the tips in this article. Read the answer to the pressing question: when do I start growing outdoor weed?

Growing cannabis outdoors: this is what you need to know before you start

Preparation is half the battle, and that certainly applies to growing outdoor weed too. Do you already have experience growing plants indoors? Then know that outdoor weed requires quite a different approach. After all, indoors you can easily influence conditions yourself. You control temperature and light, for instance, and there are no interferers such as bad weather, neighbours and critters indoors. The tips below will help you get your first outdoor grow off to a flying start.

Seeds: which ones do you choose?

A great harvest starts with the right cannabis seeds, of course. In our shop, you have a lot of seeds to choose from. Which one is the best to choose? Two tips:

1. Check out our best seeds for outdoor cannabis

Handy: our overview page with the top 10 seeds for outdoor cannabis. There's bound to be something for you here!

2. Go for autoflowering cannabis seeds

Why make it difficult when it can be easy or even automatic? Autoflower cannabis seeds are a great invention for the grower with less green fingers. These cannabis seeds flower automatically. So you don't have to think about when is the best time to sow outdoor cannabis; they grow anyway! The only downside is that these plants grow smaller than the weed plants that do depend on the seasons.

Where to grow: pot, greenhouse or soil?

As an outdoor grower, you have to make do with the available space you have outdoors. Fortunately, you don't need a lot of square metres to grow a plant. So whether you have a spacious backyard, a balcony or just a gutter: go for it. Something that is especially important is that the plant gets plenty of sunlight. If you grow your outdoor cannabis in a pot, you can easily move it around during the day or season. If you have a plot of land that gets sun all day, however, this is preferable. After all, a plant thrives (literally) when it has plenty of soil under its roots. If you do go for a pot, don't choose one that is too small.

Water, light and love

Just like any other plant, your outdoor cannabis cannot live on air and light alone. So make sure you give it enough water. Rainwater is your friend here, but you will also have to use a watering can once in a while. Especially during dry periods. Are you going on holiday and there is no rain? Then ask someone to water the plants. But not only that: the right amount of special nutrients will also do your harvest good. With this grow kit, for instance, you get the best nutrition for your plants.

Need more tips on growing outdoor weed? Read all about growing it yourself outdoors here: What is the best time to grow weed outdoors?

When to grow? This is the best season for outdoor cannabis

OK, you've made your choice in terms of seeds and done the necessary preliminary work. You and your garden, balcony or gutter are all set. Now for the answer to the key question: when is the best time to sow outdoor cannabis? Is there such a thing as the best season for outdoor cannabis? Yes there is! You are not tied to a specific date. The most important thing is that it stops freezing. Baby plants and frost do not mix well. So choose a time in spring when you know for sure that temperatures will no longer drop below freezing. In some years, this is as early as March, but usually April or May will be the month when winter ends. The best time to start growing (and therefore sowing) outdoor cannabis is the month of May. To be precise about the temperature: 12 degrees is the lower limit and 30 degrees about the upper limit.

What happens if you start growing outdoor cannabis before May?

March is still regularly freezing, and April 'does what it wants' they also say. So sowing outdoor cannabis in these months is risky. Yet growers do it regularly, and not without reason. With a nice sunny and frost-free spring, cannabis plants sown in March or April can become huge. After all, the main thing is that your plants get plenty of sunshine. Early sowing and a top spring guarantee a big harvest.

Tip: start indoors

You can also choose to grow the plants indoors first, until they are strong enough and outdoor conditions are optimal. Find out how early you can start sowing when growing outdoor cannabis. You can start germinating at the end of February, for instance, safely inside your house. This phase takes about a week. After that, you can start planting.

This growing report gives you a good insight into the first phase of germination. Then you can start sowing, after which the flowering phase begins. And then it's wait and see!

Getting serious about being a grower?

Are your green fingers itching to get serious about growing cannabis plants? Then we recommend this book: the Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide is a complete guide to your brand-new hobby.