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Everything is possible while dreaming! Do you want to fly through the universe like Superman searching for Krypton? This is also possible, provided you can control and experience the dreams consciously. Dream herbs are natural remedies that can help you induce lucid dreams. This means that you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming and that you can be in control of everything that goes on in the dream.

Dream herbs are generally used at night, just before going to sleep. In many traditional cultures, natural dream herbs are an important part, mainly for communicating with spirits or their ancestors. Thus, the Shamans use it to communicate with spirits and Tibetan Buddhists for their own "Dream Yoga". Dream herbs are mainly used in Africa, but also in (South) America in numerous ceremonies. Furthermore, we see that dream herbs are rightly becoming more and more popular in Western cultures.

Dreams are a special and important part of our sleep for everyone. During dreams we experience our nicest, most exciting, most beautiful, funniest, most intense or sometimes scariest moments of our life. According to many studies, dreams help you process what you experienced in a day or in your past. Of course, dreams also keep your brain active. However, some people don't dream that often or not so spectacularly (anymore). If you want to be able to help improve or even influence your dreams, please read further in this article about our dream herbs.


What exactly are lucid dreams?

Lucid dreams are dreams that you consciously experience and that you can control. In fact, a lucid dream is nothing more than another name for a conscious dream or, even more simply, a waking dream that can be controlled by yourself. These ancient and strong dream herbs are available here at our 24High Smartshop, and can serve as a tool for achieving lucid dreams. In general, these herbs allow you to take full or partial control over your dreams. Despite what some cultures believe, with these dream herbs you will of course not come into contact with spirits or your ancestors, although it depends on what you dream of course.

How exactly do you take dream herbs?

This is actually quite simple: by far most dream herbs use or mix with (herbal) tea, usually just before going to sleep. It is recommended to take them on an empty stomach and not immediately after eating. Now this usually wants to be the case, just before going to sleep. You can use honey or sugar against the somewhat bitter taste of the dream herbal tea to make it a bit sweeter. Don't worry too much about most dream herbs - they are easy to prepare and take. Of course, this is also always stated on the packaging of your dream herb(s).

lucid herbs dream

Where do dream herbs come from?

We have already mentioned the traditional and spiritual use of dream herbs above and by far the most cultures using these dream herbs are located in Africa. Most dream herbs come from Africa, but there are also dream herbs from South America and Asia. It is also important to know that the vast majority of dream herbs are currently completely legal in the Netherlands. The dream herbs that you buy from us are therefore safe for use and without any legal consequences. We think this is more than justified, since these are age-old safe natural products.

Why dream herbs?

In your dreams you have no laws or restrictions, nothing is obligatory, nothing is impossible, everything can or may. It is this feeling that dream herbs help you achieve and direct your dreams. A new dimension opens up, because in contrast to '' just dreaming '' you are now more aware than ever of what you see, experience, (think) to smell, taste, hear or even feel.

out of body experience

What dream herbs do we offer and what do they do?

Some dream herbs can be used as a hugely effective sleep aid to wake you up very rested the next morning, such as the African Dream Root (Silene Capensis). This fascinating African dream root is found in nature in the east of South Africa. The native Xhosa tribe uses this miraculous root mainly in rituals to induce visual predictive dreams, to get in touch with their ancestors and for its medicinal properties. The carrot is prized for its vivid lucid dreams. Gaining total control over your dreams is possible with the use of the African dream root (Silene Capensis).

Another dream herb that helps improve dreams and increase mental clarity is the Calea Zacatechichi from Mexico. With this dream herb you will get very vivid and clear dreams. The Calea Zacatechichi from Mexico became respected and y used by the Maya. Those same Maya called this dream herb "the leaf of the gods". There is even an extra highly concentrated variant of the Calea zacatechichi available in our webshop.

It is actually not easy to say which dream herb is most suitable for you. It is actually a matter of trying different dream herbs. This allows you to experience for yourself which dream herb works best for you. We wish you the best of luck in your choice and in lucid dreaming.

So much for our blog about lucid dreaming, but don't worry, we'll be back soon with new blogs on all kinds of exciting and engaging topics. If you also want to create, intensify or even control your own dreams, click > here < for our range of dream herbs.