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Elderly people seem to function better when they use medical cannabis, research shows. More and more elderly people are using this natural remedy because of health benefits. THC and CBD affect many processes in the body. But what can it help with and is it safe for the elderly? In this blog, we take a closer look at this.

Research into the benefits of medicinal cannabis for the elderly

Weed is increasingly being used by older adults as well. For about a decade, there has been an increase in these users. The "Monitoring the Future" panel research report on 2022, which monitors trends in drug use, found that about 20% of Americans between the ages of 50 and 60 have used cannabis in the past year. This was found to be the highest ever percentage in this age group recorded by the survey. It is likely that most people use cannabis because of its potential therapeutic benefits, and not (just) for pleasure. Previous surveys suggest that this age group uses cannabis for sleep disorders and pain. And the results are generally positive.

A new study from Israel aims to find out what the effects of medicinal cannabis for the elderly are. The main aim was to see if it has a positive effect on their daily functioning. This has not been studied before. The study involved 120 patients aged 65 and over. They were prescribed cannabis for various complaints, but mainly chronic pain.

What can cannabis help with?

In this study, most of the patients took cannabis tinctures, which contained different concentrations of CBD and THC. It was found that after 6 months (that's how long the study lasted), 86% of patients reported improvement in symptoms, both in terms of reduction in pain and use of prescribed painkillers.

The researchers also measured the effects of marijuana on ADL (general daily activities, or Activities of Daily Living). This includes activities such as dressing, eating, going to the toilet and washing. IADL was also measured. These are activities a person needs to live independently, such as telephoning, shopping, cooking and doing housework.

Treating the elderly with cannabis was found to lead to improvements in IADL, but not ADL. However, there was much difference between different age groups. The younger patients were more likely to have higher scores on IADL. How can cannabis have such a positive effect on symptoms that make daily life difficult? It is probably caused by the analgesic properties that help with chronic pain and because cannabis has positive effects on mood and sense of well-being. Added to this, the use of medical cannabis can lead to less medication being needed, such as benzodiazepines. These can also have a negative impact on elderly people's functioning.

The beauty of medical cannabis is that it allows the elderly to live more independently. But cannabis cannot help with problems with potty training, keeping yourself clean and getting dressed. Hence, ADL scores do not improve and differences can be seen in ADL and IADL.

Conclusion of the study

The researchers indicate that more research is needed on the effects of cannabis. This is because the said study had its limitations, such as the patients were only treated for pain and different types of cannabis were used. The paper's conclusion states that medical cannabis for the elderly can lead to improved functioning and mood. This is reflected in higher IADL and GDS (geriatric depression scale) scores, after 6 months of treatment.

Adding to this, overall, participants report that cannabis contributes to overall fitness, helps reduce pain and people require less regular pain medication.

Is medical cannabis safe?

There is a lot of interest in medical cannabis, which is why, fortunately, more and more research is being done. Of course, it is also a good idea to check whether cannabis is safe. Israeli doctor Reznik and his team investigated whether medical cannabis was safe for the elderly. They included 184 patients who were 65 or older. Since so many elderly people use cannabis these days, these researchers thought it would be interesting to see how safe medical cannabis is for this target group. The participants were examined extensively at the start of the study and again 6 months later. None of the patients had any previous experience with cannabis. The complaints of these patients included chronic pain, sleep disorders, Parkinson's disease and mood disorders.

The side effects of the therapy were found to be mild. Only a third of the participants suffered from them. The most commonly mentioned side effects were dizziness (12%) and drowsiness and fatigue (11%). In contrast, 85% of patients reported an improvement in symptoms, including a reduction in pain and sleep problems. And this while these did not improve with the use of regular medication. A third of patients were also found to be able to stop taking opioid painkillers.

The studies paint a positive picture. Medical cannabis seems safe for the elderly and can help alleviate symptoms, allowing them to continue enjoying their independence for longer. Do you or someone you know want to start using cannabis? If so, consult with your doctor first. Cannabis has a different effect on each user and can thereby influence the effect of certain medication. So be careful with this.