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Recently, mushroom drops have been on the rise, but the question is whether they are as safe to take instead of regular mushrooms, beer or a pill. The advantage is that they are easy to dose, but not much is known about their safety. Mushroom drops are a new designer drug. In this blog, we explain exactly what they are, what the effects are and whether it is a good idea to go for these drops.

A new drug: magic mushroom drops

Liquid magic mushrooms, that does sound like a good idea. Easy to take and a perhaps better alternative to LSD or real mushrooms. Since 2022, mushroom drops have become increasingly popular. This new drug is being traded on the streets. They would make it easier to use magic mushrooms. But many people wonder if magic mushroom drops are safe and how to make magic mushroom drops? Do the properties of magic mushrooms remain?

The active ingredient in magic mushrooms and truffles is psilocybin. In liquid form, psilocybin does get used in healthcare, for studies on the potential of psychedelics for mental disorders. It is logical to think that in magic mushroom drops, then, psilocybin is also used. But this is not entirely correct. Most magic mushroom drops contain a psilocybin extract and 4-AcO-DMT. This is a synthetic variation of the mind-altering substance.

A combination of these two substances makes a user less introspective, compared to when using natural magic mushrooms. The ratio of psilocybin to 4-AcO-DMT does matter a lot for the effects and safety of magic mushroom drops. Now, are these drops as natural as magic mushrooms? As mentioned, 4-AcO-DMT is prepared chemically. The substance has been known for some time. Because it is derived from natural psilocybin, it is believed to be safe. The psilocybin in magic mushroom drops is simply obtained by extracting it from magic mushrooms. So in principle, you would say that both the effects and safety are similar to magic mushrooms. But still, magic mushroom drops carry certain health risks. You'll read more about that later.

The effects of magic mushroom drops and are they safe?

Because magic mushroom drops are not legal, they are sold by dealers on the street. Therefore, the quality and strength of the drops varies greatly, as not every producer makes the same product. The effects differ somewhat from natural magic mushrooms and truffles. Opinions differ on the effects of 4-AcO-DMT (psilacetin), with some saying the effects last less long than those of psilocybin, but others saying just the opposite.

Mushroom drops are said to be more similar to DMT in terms of effects. They cause less nausea than magic mushrooms and a lower body load (a less heavy physical feeling). Always be aware that when you buy drugs on the street, you never know exactly what is in them. As a result, you are also not sure how safe those magic mushroom drops are.

In addition, mushroom drops are not legal in the Netherlands. Mushrooms cannot be sold here, even if they have been processed, i.e. dried, ground up or made into powder. Mushrooms fall under list 2 of the Opium Act (so they are soft drugs). Mushroom grow kits and ready-to-use truffles can be sold. So when you buy magic mushroom drops, you are buying illegal drugs. That too puts you at risk.

The disadvantages of magic mushroom drops

So are mushroom drops a good idea? As far as safety is concerned, the substances in these drops are probably not very harmful, provided they only contain psilocybin and 4-AcO-DMT (and you can't be 100% sure of that). The effects are then not very different from regular magic mushrooms. So it might be useful to take mushroom drops if you want to trip at a party. Still, there are many drawbacks to magic mushroom drops:

  • Mushroom drops are illegal, which means there is no control over their contents. When you buy them, you are not sure what you are holding in your hands. You also don't know how pure they are and what else has been put into them.
  • Trading in mushroom drops is punishable.
  • These drops are unnatural, they are partly made in a laboratory.
  • They are not a good alternative to alcohol, the effects are very different. Also, the effects can be unpredictable. They are not suitable for use in the party or dance scene.
  • Mushroom drops are expensive. A bottle costs between 120 and 150 euros. Compare that to the price of a mushroom grow kit, and you have a large yield that allows you to trip several times for between 20 and 40 euros.

Alternative to magic mushroom drops

Thought about trying mushroom drops? Prefer safety, purity and a natural product. We have a great choice of mushroom grow kits, from Fresh Mushrooms, All in One and Mondo. You grow and harvest these all by yourself, after which they are immediately ready for use. You can't get any fresher. But you can also dry the mushrooms, allowing you to enjoy them for a long time. You know exactly what you get and what effects to expect. On top of that, these grow kits are completely legal. That is much more relaxing to enjoy than if you were to go for mushroom drops.