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CBD oil has a rather distinct taste. Would you even call the taste experience 'gross'? For you, 24High has something new: flavoured CBD oil. 

Why does CBD oil taste so strong?


CBD oil owes its strong flavour mainly to some specific ingredients of the hemp plant, from which CBD is extracted. Terpenes, for instance, give the oil its plant-like and earthy aroma. They naturally give off a certain smell, among other things, to deter natural enemies such as gnawing animals. This prevents the plants from being eaten.

Of course, there are also all kinds of differences between types and brands of CBD oil. Full spectrum CBD oil, for instance, tastes a bit more like hemp than oil with fewer ingredients. In addition, the processing process has an impact on the final product, such as the degree to which it is filtered.

Finally, the oil the CBD is mixed with has quite an impact on the flavour. Which oil is best in terms of flavour varies from person to person. When the CBD oil also contains THC, the flavour can be more bitter. And not everyone likes that... The fact that you also have to leave CBD oil under your tongue for a while before swallowing it doesn't really help to get it down easily either.

Dr Candy CBD oil with flavours

cbd taste strawberry
Fortunately for those who really can't get CBD oil down: CBD oil with flavours. Dr Candy is a brand that incorporates CBD in all kinds of tasty products. In sweets, for instance. What they have also released: CBD oil with flavours. In our range, you will find Dr Candy CBD oil with forest fruit, mint and strawberry flavours. These flavours are perfectly capable of covering the only drawback of CBD oil: that bitter taste.

The ingredients of Dr Candy's flavoured CBD oil

cbd taste forrestfruit
What exactly is in this CBD oil from Dr Candy, and what health benefits might you experience from it if you use it? A question that is easy to answer, as it contains just three ingredients. CDB, of course. As a so-called 'carrier', this CBD is dissolved in MCT oil. The flavours of this CBD oil come from natural terpenes of forest fruit, strawberry and mint. Read below what CBD and MCT oil are.


CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a substance found in cannabis products such as cannabis and hashish. CBD oil is used for all kinds of problems and ailments. For instance, it seems to help relax without making you drowsy. Sleeping can be easier as a result. But people with serious conditions also use CBD or cannabis oil for their symptoms. Parkinson's patients, for example.

MCT oil

Besides a delicious masking aroma, Dr Candy's CBD oil contains MCT oil. The exact health effects of MCT oil are currently still being researched. It may work for Candida, a type of fungal infection. It may also benefit frail elderly people, as it may help muscles get more energy. In addition, it is used by people who want to lose weight on a very low-carbohydrate (keto) diet. MCT oil is said to inhibit appetite and act as a food source for the brain, instead of carbohydrates.

This is how to use Dr Candy flavoured CBD oil

cbd taste mint
Of this CBD oil, it is recommended to put 2 drops under the tongue at a time, up to 5 times a day. This brings you to a maximum daily dosage of 10 drops. Incidentally, the addition of the different flavours to this CBD oil does not affect its efficacy. The effect is the same as that of 'regular' CBD.

Curious? Check out Dr Candy's flavoured CBD oil here!

  • Strawberry: 10 ml 10% CBD
  • Forest fruit: 10 ml 10% CBD
  • Mint: 10 ml 10% CBD

Candy with CBD

If you have a real sweet tooth, then you can get the best of both worlds with our CBD candy. Dr Candy's CBD lollipops contain 10 mg CBD each. Go for pineapple lollipops with CBD or lollipops with a delicious orange flavour. Prefer foods with CBD? Then opt for the CBD honey or tasty herbal teas. Check out all the CBD sweets from 24High here!