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In the world of Dutch cannabis culture, the term "jonko (spliff) rollen" is a familiar one, especially among young people and in street slang. The term has a specific meaning in the cannabis community and is much more than just an action; it is part of a culture. In this blog, we dive deeper into what "jonko rollen/klappen" means, and explore its context and usage in cannabis street slang.

What Does Jonko (spliff) klappen or rolling means?

The term “Jonko” is Dutch slang for a joint, a hand-rolled cigarette filled with cannabis. “Jonko (spliff) klappen” refers to the process of rolling a joint. This expression is mainly used in youth culture and is strongly associated with street culture and the informal intercourse language associated with it.

Theories of Origin

Rastafari influences

One of the theories suggests that "jonko" has its roots in the Rastafari movement. This cultural movement, which emerged in Jamaica in the 1930s, has a deep spiritual connection with marijuana, which they consider a sacred herb. It is possible that the term found its way to the Netherlands via music genres such as reggae and dancehall, both of which are deeply rooted in Rastafarian culture.

Surinamese influences

Another popular theory states that "jonko" comes from Surinamese. With the close cultural and historical ties between Suriname and the Netherlands, it is entirely possible that the word has been integrated into Dutch slang through this connection. Suriname has a rich and diverse linguistic history, and it is not uncommon for words from Surinamese to find their way into Dutch, especially in informal settings.

The Process of (Spliff) Rolling

Rolling a jonko is a skill in itself. It requires dexterity and precision to create the perfect joint. The process usually involves grinding cannabis, distributing the ground cannabis on a blotting paper, adding a filter or tip, and then carefully rolling and sealing the joint.

Why do you roll a Jonko (spliff)?

Rolling a jonko is a ritual for many. It is a moment of relaxation and reflection, or a social activity shared with friends. In some cases, it is also a way of ensuring the quality and purity of the cannabis, as you know exactly what is in your joint.

Culture and community

Within the cannabis community, rolling a jonko (Spliff) is more than just preparing a smoke; it is part of identity and culture. Sharing a self-rolled joint can be seen as a sign of friendship and community spirit.

Jonko (spliff) in Contemporary Dutch Culture

The term "jonko" (spliff) and the action of rolling it have penetrated beyond the immediate cannabis community. It appears in music, art and on social media, giving it a broader cultural meaning.

Influence on Language and Expression

The influence of the term is also noticeable in the way young people speak and express themselves. It is an example of how subcultures can influence and enrich general language.

Clapping or rolling Jonko is an expression of a culture and a community

Rolling a jonko (spliff) is more than just preparing a joint; it is an expression of a culture and a community. It shows how language, actions and cultural practices can merge and take on a life of their own within certain groups. Whether you are part of the cannabis community or simply interested in the nuances of street slang, understanding terms like "jonko rolling" offers fascinating insight into a dynamic and vibrant subculture.