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Yopo is a genus of trees, some of which have variable concentrations and proportions of DMT, bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT in their seeds. The use of cohoba goes back thousands of years. Over 55 Southern American tribes are known to use Yopo.


Yopo gives you a different view of the world. It is mind-expanding that provides a visual and hallucinatory journey. This psychedelic trip is mainly due to the combination of 5-MeO-DMT, Bufotenine, 2,9-dimethyl triptyline and DMT-n-Oxide. Although Yopo is known for its seeds, it is actually a plant. By the way, the scientific name of this tree is Anadenanthera Peregrina or Piptadenia peregrina.

Yopo is no party drug

Yopo is not a party drug, it is Entheogene that will induce a violent hallucinatory spiritual trip. Yopo snuff (cohoba) is usually blown into the user's nostrils by another person through a tube called the Kuripe. Due to the blowing, larger amounts of biteé be entered into the nostrils.
yopo seeds

Spiritual Awakening WITH YOPO OR COHOBA?!

Yopo (hapé) shamans describe this experience as being able to perceive an opening of the 3rd eye in the light of the non-physical spiritual dimensions. Central to the Sikuani Yopo tradition is the use of prayers to invoke healing energies. They believe that their word and the tonal vibration of their prayer is the very power of creation. For every imbalance and illness that is created or arises, there is a corresponding prayer to heal this illness/imbalance. Sikuani elder shamans know 2000 or more prayers and study intensively from about 8 years old. These prayers are often associated with the use of Yopo or other natural psychedelics.


The plant cohoba, like the Ayahuasca, is here to help us return to the origin, through visions and in contacting our souls and the spirits of nature. You can say that Yopo is a cousin of the Sacred Vine, Ayahuasca. One is that Yopo also contains a form of DMT and secondly, cohoba is usually taken along with the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, one of the two ingredients used for brewing Ayahuasca. Although biteé Already potent, the effect can be enhanced even more when combined with Banisteriopsis caapi. This medicine hapé is often used in retreats for opening our spiritual view and cleansing our emotional and physical bodies. Hapé can be used to support an Ayahuasca ritual. Yopo helps to open and prepare your soul for an even deeper journey within with the spirit of the grandmother of the Ayahuasca.

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