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Rapé, also known as snuff, is snuff with a rich indigenous tradition. Originally, it was used by South American peoples in ritual settings. While it contains nicotine, it certainly does not compare to casual cigarette smoking. Read all about the history of rapé here. How and why do you use it and what are the effects?

What exactly is rapé?

Rapé is powdered tobacco consisting of various indigenous plants and nicotine. Lots of nicotine: up to 20 times more than an average cigarette. You can find rapé in ceremonies of various tribes in the jungles of South America. They grind tobacco leaves with other beneficial ingredients from nature. The resulting powder is blown into the nose with a specially designed pipe during such a ceremony.

Why they do this? Not because it tastes so good with coffee, like a cigarette... rapé is said to have healing and cleansing powers. The ceremonies can be quite spiritual and the user may experience changes in consciousness. A real rapé ritual is guided by a shaman, who is specifically trained for this. These rituals take place at all kinds of important events, but also serve as a kind of social glue. It is also used individually by tribal members, for instance to heal an ailment or to come to yourself.

Use of this mystical snuff is actually always accompanied by a certain intention. Not entirely coincidentally, you regularly see rapé during ayahuasca or kambo ceremonies. In fact, its use dates back to the time of the Incas - 500 years ago. Today, it is especially popular in Peru and Brazil. And now rapé has also found its way to other parts of the world.

The effects of rapé

That rapé is absolutely nothing like smoking tobacco also shows its effects. Your stomach and intestines get upset. You may feel nauseous or even vomit. You may break out in a sweat. Some users get emotional and shed a tear. Not surprisingly, rapé powder is seen as cleansing. Your body will be able to react strongly to it and your system clearly goes to work.

Besides the cleansing effect, the high dose of nicotine will also be able to make you calmer and more alert. This is partly due to the dopamine boost it gives you. The immediate effects last for a few minutes, but you can still feel 'different' hours to days after a rape ceremony. Often this has to do with the intention you brought to the ceremony, besides the fact that such a ritual can obviously be impressive. It is also thought by some to have a positive effect on your chakras: the energy points in your body. Be warned before using rapé: it is not a comfortable experience for most people. It will irritate your nose considerably, make your eyes water and, as you read, give the rest of your body a jolt too.

How to use it

If you do it the traditional way, a shaman blows the rapé into your nostrils. You have to fill both of these, even if you don't feel like having more after that first 'blow'. However, using both nostrils is important, otherwise there will be an imbalance. Are you going to use rapé yourself? Then you can use a so-called kuripe. This is a pipe that you put on both nostrils at the same time, thus filling left and right with this magic powder.

As with the use of substances like magic mushrooms or truffles, the right dose of rapé depends on many factors. Consider your build, experience, your fatigue, mood and the setting. In general, an amount the size of a small key point or half a Skittle is enough. Have it done by someone you trust, both in terms of their energy and dexterity or experience. Have tissues and a bucket ready in case your tear ducts and stomach react strongly to it. And most importantly: don't forget your intention.

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At 24high, you will find different kinds of rapé, including combined with other great medicinal plants. Go for example for rapé with kanna to improve your mood considerably. With the Macambo Passion Flower rapé , you can boost your happiness substance serotonin and dream more vividly. Rapé Bobinsana is said to open your heart and make you more sensitive and empathetic. We also have rapé powder from different raw materials, such as Veia de Pajé. Can't choose? Then we have a good tip: look mainly at which option best suits your intention(s) at the moment.