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Growing mushrooms can be a great experience, but it does require some planning and preparation. Since you are not the first to take up this fun hobby, there is no need for you to reinvent the wheel yourself when it comes to growing. The manual for a good harvest is a so-called grow book. This bible for mushroom growers explains step by step what to do. And that has the advantage that you have more fun while maximising your yield. More mushrooms for less effort.

Read here what such a grow book contains and how best to use it to cultivate magic mushrooms.

What is a grow book?

A grow book is a manual with detailed instructions on how to grow or cultivate magic mushrooms. These books provide information on topics such as materials, how to work sterile and why, cultivation methods and the growing process. They also contain detailed descriptions of the different types of mushrooms, as well as information on their growing methods and preferred conditions. Cultivation books are therefore ultimate for beginners, but can certainly be used by experienced mushroom growers as well. Getting a great harvest is a learning process, and a book like this can speed it up by leaps and bounds. In short, a must-have for any type of grower!

The importance of a cultivation book

Since working sterile is crucial when cultivating magic mushrooms, this is quite a focus. After all, in the cultivation process, you want to keep unwanted bacteria out, as they can completely ruin your harvest. A cultivation manual tells you in detail how to work sterile and which equipment you need.

Also, not every mushroom is the same. Each mushroom species requires a different tactic. And let a cultivation book address exactly this. So you can try out different species to find out which growing method suits you best. And which mushroom has the finest effects, of course, whether you want to macro- or microdose.

Check out our grow books

We have several cultivation books in our assortment that you can use both as a beginner and as a pro grower. The Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook, for instance, is highly recommended.

What cultivation equipment do I need besides that book?

In our shop you will find a wide range of growing equipment for growing magic mushrooms. Would you like to start with that and get everything you need right away, in addition to a mushroom cultivation book? Below you can read what you need.

Essential materials for growing mushrooms

If you want to work sterile, good hygiene with little chance of cross-contamination is essential. Here are our tips:

  • Buy sterile gloves, so your hands don't throw a spanner in the works in the growing process. You may not want to know, but even after washing your hands, bacteria remain on these... A mouth mask is also necessary, as that area is also a source of unwanted invaders.
  • With a filter box, a kind of sterile tupperware box, you can easily ensure a sterile environment. Indeed, this is essential for a harvest protected from bacterial invasions. So be sure to get this.
  • Make sure you have an optimal culture medium, otherwise not much will happen.
  • If you want the temperature not to be a disturbance in the growing process, get a thermomat. Especially in winter, this is pretty much a must, if you don't want the temperature to negatively affect the mushrooms.
  • Our Magic Mushroom Starting Kit contains not only sterile gloves, mouth mask and thermomat, but also a plant sprayer and scalpel. This gives you the basic elements for growing. Just buy the mushroom spores yourself, a grow box (filter box), a grow bag and make sure you have the right substrate you want to use and of course a good grow book, and then you have an excellent basis for your new hobby.
  • Buy mushroom spores from us in ampoules, syringes or prints to make your harvest with these. We have many types of mushroom spores in our range, from Golden Teacher to McKennaii.
  • Don't feel like getting all the separate parts for growing? Then our Mushroom Grow Kit is the solution! Ideal for beginners or the grower who wants minimal effort.