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Among many young people, backpackers and lovers of the island Koh Phangan, it is now a big concept: the Full Moon Party. A huge party on the night of full moon where thousands of people come every month. The drinks flow richly and there is a lot of partying to different music. Visitors to this island often plan their visit around this party. But the island is not only popular because of the Full Moon parties, it also attracts many people because you can relax there and find all kinds of spiritual things.

Epicentre for parties and spirituality

The island of Koh Phangan is an epicentre for both the coolest Full Moon parties and the discovery of spirituality. For some a great contrast, for others a fine complement to each other. In terms of location on the island, they are two extremes, although the island is not very big, and you can easily go to both destinations.

In the southernmost tip of the island, Haad Rin Beach, the Full Moon parties take place every month. It is one of the most famous beaches in Thailand. The spiritual epicentre is on the west side of the island, near the village of Sri Thanu.

Full Moon Party Haad Rin

Every month, during every full moon, thousands of people flock to the popular Full Moon party in Haad Rin. At the beginning of the evening people mainly eat and drink, later on the party bursts out with all kinds of music. Pop, rock, techno, house, R&B, reggae, you can hear it all. Besides dancing, eating and drinking, the Full Moon parties have a number of typical characteristics:

  • As a partygoer, you can have yourself painted in bright neon colours. During the full moon, this provides beautiful pictures.
  • At various stalls on the beach, you can get large buckets full of alcohol.
  • It is tradition to jump rope with a burning rope. Dangerous scenes, so be careful with this.
  • Furthermore, during the Full Moon party you can enjoy fire-eaters, fireworks, jugglers and all kinds of beach artists.

Spirituality in Koh Phangan

On the west side of Koh Phangan you'll find a fairly large spiritual part of the island. Here you can find big yoga studios, nice restaurants and many other spiritual things like sound healing, fire puja or kirtan. The popular areas for spirituality are Orion and Pyramid. It's also possible to open your mind with the famous psychedelics shakes that they offer.

Sound healing

During a sound healing session, you lie on the ground and listen to various sounds for relaxation and healing. You will hear voices, singing bowls, drums, tuning forks and other objects that produce sounds. Close your eyes, listen and become zen.

Ecstatic Dance

Another popular activity on the island is Ecstatic Dance. This is where you go dancing exuberantly in bare feet, without shame or judgement, to just a glass of water. By dancing, the idea is that you come closer to yourself, let go of your worries and open your heart.

Fire Puja

Fire Puja is a ritual on the beach with smoke and fire, whereby offerings are made to gods and spirits. You can attend such a ritual on the island, and it can be seen as a kind of cleansing of your soul. Each sacrifice represents something different: an obstacle in your life that you want to make disappear.


Kirtan is a singing session consisting of several songs with the accompanist singing and the group repeating. The idea is that you chant all kinds of Hindu gods and that this puts you in a meditative state. You are so busy singing that you don't see or hear anything else for a while. And if you prefer not to sing, that's no problem, you can also dance or just listen.

The most beautiful beaches for spirituality

On Koh Phangan, you will find beautiful beaches where you can relax and unwind. One of the quiet beaches is Zen Beach. During sunset, many drummers, dancers, jugglers, acrobats and yogis gather here. Another great place is Secret Beach. This is no longer a secret beach, but it is very relaxed. You can snorkel here, lie in hammocks, enjoy the view or have a nice drink in the 'hippie' bar Koh Raham on the rocks.

The Ao Hin Kong beach is a perfect beach to watch the sunset. At this beach, there is also a very nice beach bar 'Freeway' which is made of driftwood. Here you can relax, listen to reggae music and admire local art. Are you looking for some more relaxation, or can you use a little help to relax? Relaxation pills or herbs can help. No decisions to make, no stress, and just be in the moment. Herbs can help you with that.