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Ayahuasca is a much-discussed brew that is drunk during a spiritual ceremony. The power of Ayahuasca is to destroy the human ego. The ego often acts as an unnecessary line of defence. For many people the ego therefore stands in the way of the path of happiness. A large ego may have been built up in childhood during upbringing or for protection after experiencing a terrible event that completely betrayed trust. Ayahuasca is a concoction of a MAO-inhibitor with a plant with the substance DMT, which can reset the inner mind through hallucinations and insights. In addition to the Ayahuasca ceremonies, nowadays we also hear the word ‘voyahuasca’ pass by. It was also quite difficult for us to find out exactly what this is, because relatively little is known about it. In this blog we will take you, as best we can, into the world of – still unknown – voyahuasca.

Voyahuasca what is it?

Voyahuasca consists of two ingredients, namely the magic truffle, in combination with the jungle liana (Banesteriopsis caapi). The B.caapi is also used in the preparation of the well-known ayahuasca brew. This liana acts as an MAO inhibitor and functions as a brake on the liver. Because the liver is temporarily or partially blocked, larger amounts of the substance DMT can reach the brain. DMT is a strong hallucinatory and can be found, for example, in the plant Psychotria viridis. Voyahuasca involves the substance psilocybin that is combined with an MAO inhibitor such as B. caapi. The substance psilocybin is somewhat similar to DMT but slightly milder.

(Psychotria viridis)

Ayahuasca is the visionary concoction known for its role in shamanic and religious ceremonies and for its therapeutic potential. It has a long history of entheogenic use (this is connection to the mind) and the status of “plant teacher” among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest. In the Amazon region, this process is seen as the most important in the functioning of this medicinal plant. 

What are the effects of Voyahuasca?

Actually, the effects of voyahuasca are similar to ayahuasca. They can be very intense, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Just like with ayahuasca, it is important that you are open to what is to come and let it completely wash over you. Trying to maintain mental control during a spiritual exploration with ayahuasca is only going to get you in trouble. The control is the ego that does not dare to expose itself. Mother ayahuasca will transform herself into a form, such as for example: a snake, to penetrate the ego. You cannot run away from these violent hallucinations. It is confronting and letting go of control so that ayahuasca can unfold its magic. 

On the internet we read that users often experience it as an energetic cleansing and working through and solving traumatic experiences. It also often becomes clear what your own place is in the world, this can give a very liberating feeling. You can also get to know your own place in the world through voyahuasca. This can be very soothing to your mind.

(Ayahuasca brew)

The biggest differences

The music in these ceremonies is different from the ayahuasca ceremonies in the Amazon. Here they often use drums or a special flute, which makes the experience even more intense and you soak up the depth. It can also be exciting because a little less is known about voyahuasca than about ayahuasca. This can entail a different experience. Voyahuasca is slightly milder than ayahuasca because the substance psilocybin contained in the magic truffles is less powerful than the substance DMT used in the ayahuasca ceremonies. 

Ayahuasca or Voyahuasca?

For the people who already have an ayahuasca have done a trip and ceremony and something different, wanting a voyahuasca can be a consideration. This way you experience the trip in a completely new way so that you can gain new insights. Soul purifiers At the "Sacred Journey" you can experience a voyahuasca ceremony.