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Chlorella - 240 pieces

Chlorella - 240 pieces
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Chlorella has incredible benefits and uses. Chlorella, a single green alga found in freshwater, is known for its exceptional nutritional profile and potential health benefits. The word 'chlorella' is derived from the Greek words 'chloros', meaning 'green', and 'ella', a suffix meaning 'small', which together indicates the tiny, vibrant green nature of this alga.

Chlorella is a rich source of various nutrients, including protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, iron, magnesium, zinc and fibre. In addition, it contains essential fatty acids and numerous antioxidants. Research has also shown that chlorella has the unique ability to bind to heavy metals and other toxins, so it can help detoxify the body.


Chlorella has long been recognized for its detoxifying properties. It can help bind and remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body, promoting overall health.


Take 1-2 tablets 3 times daily with water during meals


Fit4Seasons Chlorella - 240 tablets

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