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We all know that smoking is harmful to your lungs and poses other health risks. And in case we have forgotten this, we are reminded of this when we look at the cigarette pack. In fact, anything you burn and get into your lungs carries risks. But luckily there is a way to reduce these risks by, for example, eating weed or hash, or using a vaporizer. A vaporizer is also called a vaporizer, and there are different types of it. One of these is the wax vaporizer. In this article, we tell you everything about what a wax vaporizer is and how it works.

What is a vaporizer?

First of all, some more explanation about vaporizers in general. There are many vaporizers, also known as vaporizers. A vaporizer is actually a small oven that can vaporize plant material and is therefore suitable for cannabis. A vaporizer does not burn the plant material such as cannabis, but heats it. Often between 157ºC and 226ºC. This causes the active substances to evaporate and the shape of the plant material changes into gas that you can breathe. And this is much more harmless to you than if you smoke; with a vaporizer you do not inhale combustion products.

vaporizer wax

What vaporizers are there?

There are many different types of vaporizers on the market. There are portable vaporizers that usually work on a battery, and you can easily take it anywhere. A disadvantage of this is that such a portable vaporizer has a smaller compartment that regulates the evaporation, making the vaporizer less efficient.

The most famous vaporizers are:

  • The flame vaporizer: a portable flame-heated vaporizer that works without batteries. The flame is used as a heat source and makes vaping possible.
  • Pen vaporizers: a small vaporizer that resembles a traditional fountain pen. It vaporizes herbs and oils that you can then inhale.
  • Wax vaporizers: This vaporizer heats wax with a conduction or convection system. And this is perhaps the most unique vaporizer of them all, because it works just a little differently from the rest.

You also have the so-called home (table/desktop) vaporizers that are very suitable for use at home. With such a vaporizer, the vapor usually ends up in a bag, so you can inhale the vapor at your leisure.

What is a wax vaporizer?

A wax vaporizer is often also called a wax pen or a wax vaporizer pen. This is because this vaporizer is often as big, or actually as small, as a pen. The wax vaporizer is a vaporizer that can heat concentrate wax with a conduction or convection system. The most commonly used wax or wax concentrate for this is cannabis, but you can use many different herbs and cannabis concentrates.

Place the wax or concentrate that you use on a so-called coil. A coil is actually a piece of coiled wire that glows when current is applied. Place the wax or concentrate on the coil. When the coil gets warm, a vapor is created from the concentrate that you can easily inhale. 

How does a wax vaporizer work?

With a wax vaporizer, you do not produce smoke, but you get a vapor that you can inhale. This vapor is produced by the coil that heats up. You put your wax or concentrate on the coil and then you can light the coil. The concentrate is heated, and then a vapor is created. You can inhale this vapor through the mouthpiece of the wax vaporizer.

Igniting such a coil is very easy. Most wax vaporizers are battery powered. You can set the battery in different ways to determine the amount of vapor. Once you have determined this, you can simply press the battery button to light the coil.

A wax vaporizer is much less harmful than smoking cannabis concentrates. Because you inhale vapor and not smoke, there are fewer health risks associated with it and it is less harmful to your lungs. Also, the vapor does not smell nearly as bad as smoke and the smell is much more pleasant. And it will get you just as stoned as smoking cannabis concentrates.

tsunamie vaporizer wax

The difference between a wax vaporizer and normal vaporizers

The wax vaporizer is compared to other vaporizers like a pen or flame vaporizer, a unique vaporizer. Most vaporizers work on the basis of oils, but the wax vaporizer does not. The name already gives it away, but this vaporizer works with wax or wax-like substances. This also results in a slightly different use of the wax vaporizer.

With vaporizers that work on the basis of oils, you use ready-made fillings. With a wax vaporizer, you use wax or wax-like substances that are not packaged ready-made. You place this on the coil and it is possible that you sometimes make a mess. That is why you have to replace the coil with a wax vaporizer every so often.

Maintaining a wax vaporizer

In addition to replacing the coil every so often, it is important that you clean your wax vaporizer regularly to keep it in good condition. After all, you use non-ready wax or wax-like substances, and there is a good chance that you regularly mess. But even if you are very careful, there is a good chance that the wax will stick to your vaporizer in different places, and you don't want this! This is a shame and ensures that you cannot use your wax vaporizer for a long time.

Maintaining a wax vaporizer is quite simple. All you need is a clean cloth and a bottle of alcohol of 95% or higher. Our advice is to always clean your wax vaporizer after use, so that you can enjoy it as long as possible!