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When we are tired, we also tend to be more irritable and grumpy. Of course, we would rather avoid this. Fortunately, there are many herbs we can use to boost our energy, so that we start feeling better again. Which herb is right for you, of course, depends on the cause why you experience fatigue. This could be because of stress, for instance, or because you are simply a difficult sleeper. There are several herbs that can help reduce our fatigue. Below we discuss some, so you can make your own choice about which herbs can help you.

1. Lemon balm

Do you lie awake at night for a long time and can't fall asleep? Or do you suffer from restlessness and it keeps you tossing and turning? There is little as annoying as sleep problems. When your mind is overactive and you find it hard to sleep, lemon balm can help calm you down again. It calms your nerves, allowing you to fall asleep faster. Lemon balm tea is relatively mild in flavour and you can drink it every day.

The Landracer Sleepwell tea in our webshop contains a unique combination of herbs that can help you relax. This includes Valerian root, chamomile and lemon balm. Together, these herbs make for a great-tasting tea blend that you can drink before bed and give you more peace of mind and body.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a herb often used when you suffer from a cold or flu. It then helps to reduce your cough and sore throat, but it is also a powerful herb against fatigue. It stimulates blood circulation and thus helps you regain some energy.

The medicinal herb Galangae (Alpinia Galanga) from Indonesia is related to ginger. It is a ginger-like root that has both uplifting and aphrodisiac effects. The root is anti-inflammatory and has a positive effect on the heart, nervous system and circulation.

3. Passionflower

Besides its beauty, the passion flower is also very special thanks to its medicinal properties. Passion flower is often used as a herb for relaxation. It can help you when you suffer from stress to relax more and reduce insomnia. The flowers of this plant contain many substances that help you become calmer, and is therefore often used as a sedative or sleep aid.

In our webshop, you will find passionflower herbs that you can use to make tea. We also offer passionflower extract that you can add to your daily dietary regimen as a supplement.

4. Green tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest teas around. It helps you with lack of blood supply to the brain, heart and blood vessels. It can help you relax and become more balanced. It is also suitable if you suffer from memory problems or forgetfulness.

The Landracer Wake up tea is a green tea combined with ginger, liquorice and turmeric. A unique blend that will ensure you start your day fresh and energetic every day. The 10% CBD in the tea helps you restore your day and night rhythm, making you less tired during the day.

5. Guarana

Guarana is an herb often used in energy drinks. It contains a lot of caffeine and can thus help boost your energy. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and reduces fatigue at the same time. Guarana is slightly stronger than coffee and is therefore often used when you need a boost. Furthermore, it stimulates blood circulation in memory, improves your concentration and gives an increase in creativity and productivity.

In our webshop, you can get Guarana herbs and Guarana capsules. You can make tea of the herbs or add them to your smoothie. The capsules can easily be swallowed with water. Just remember not to take both before sleeping.

6. Indian Ginseng or Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an Indian wonder root also known as Indian Ginseng. A root hailed for its medicinal properties. The herb helps reduce anxiety, combat stress and has anti-inflammatory effects. It also has a positive effect on your memory, cognition, mood and stamina.

In our webshop, you will find Ashwaganda powder that you can make tea from or add to your smoothie. We also offer an Ashwagandha extract that you can add to your daily food regimen as a supplement.