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A wild or intense lovemaking? That's not a problem at all with muira puama. Say whut? Yes, read more about this miracle cure quickly and experience more intense lovemaking with this miracle cure. Let's read on soon!

What exactly is muira puama?

Are you ready to spice up your sex life? Then go for muira puama! Muira puama is also known as "potency wood". This plant increases the libido in both women and men. Super fun in the bedroom for both of you. Let's talk about sex!

These exciting muira puama shrubs or small trees grow to about 4 meters in height. Historically, all parts of Muira Puama have been used medicinally, but most commonly it is the bark and roots of the Ptychopetalum Olacoides that are harvested and used both traditionally and in Herbal/herbal remedies. It contains long-chain fatty acids, plant sterols coumarin, lupeol and the alkaloid muirapuamine. Our feelings and touches become much more intense because of these substances.

Muira puama and erection problems

In addition to the exciting effect, muira puama has another very important advantage. This plant can be a solution for men with an erection problem. Because hey, we all know that getting older can sometimes promote our erection in the negative sense.

Where as men we used to be able to go on for hours on end, we are sometimes already aware that we at least get an erection. This plant powerhouse will definitely help you improve your erection! Muira puama is an aphrodisiac with the effect of improving sexual satisfaction and increasing the intensity of the orgasm. You can also combine Muira Puama with Damiana, which strengthens and makes the effect even more powerful.

What are the effects of muira puama?

We have already read above that muira puama hele positive effects can have on your sex life. This plant is definitely worth a try! Why? We have summarized it for you below. Stock up!

  • Muira Puama increases libido
  • You get a warm feeling
  • Your feelings become more intense
  • Promotes impotence
  • It arouses desire and has a relaxing effect

How do I take muira puama?

Muira puama can be taken in different ways. At 24High we have this miracle cure in different forms. We have it in capsule form. You can take 1 pill of this per day. We also have it in herbal form. If you choose this, you mix 3 teaspoons with boiling water. You can drink this afterwards, and it is quite tasty! It can be compared to a cup of herbal tea. So in the evening, make a delicious cup of ‘enjoyment tea’ and experience a wonderful evening for you and your partner!

It is important that you stick to the recommended dosage. This is also indicated on the packaging. Therefore, read the packaging carefully before using the product.


When should I take muira puama?

The effects start to take effect after half an hour. So take a capsule or make a cup of tea just before you enter the bedroom. In the meantime, light some candles, put on some nice music and have some oil ready. Bring on that exciting and delicious evening!


Muira puama is therefore a super resource if you want to take your sex life to the next level or enjoy your lovemaking even more intensely. We often hear that it is a very nice gift idea for your partner to take your sex life to an even higher level. Is there nothing wrong with your sex life? Even then you can make your bedroom adventures even more intense?

Curious which libido enhancing products we have more? Take a look at our range, there's might be a lot more exciting herbs for you!