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What is the cola nut? What does it do? And why is this so popular? We tell you all about it in this article. Who knows, after reading this article, it might be something for you and you might want to give it a try. We are certainly fans!

About the herb cola nut

Cola nut is the seed of a tall tree of no less than 6 meters. This tree that grows only in Africa, Jamaica, and Brazil. Cola nut was an ingredient in Coca-Cola after cocaine was banned. Since then, the spice cola nut has been one of the main spices for the most popular soft drink in the world. Namely, a Coke. Not only is it used by the Coca-Cola brand, but also by a Pepsi or other brand of cola.

The herb cola nut indicates the specific taste of cola. However, it doesn't just work for the taste of this soft drink, it also has great therapeutic properties that have been used for many years.

A fun fact:

Coca-Cola was invented by a researcher/pharmacist. His name was John Permberton. He used this drink as a medicine for headaches and fatigue. The name comes from two 'medical' ingredients: an extract of coca leaves and kola nuts. The name Coca comes from coca leaves, and the name cola from the cola spice nut. Anyway, those coca leaves contain cocaine. It is unclear exactly how much cocaine there used to be in cola, but it is certain that it was in it. That is why this also helped well against fatigue ?

More energy due to the cola herb nut

One of the main advantages of the cola-nut is that it gives you more energy. The herb Cola nut is a strong stimulant. The psychoactive effect is stronger and different from coffee. Endurance increases and hunger decreases. It also increases your mental and physical ability. This can have a beneficial effect on long working days, sports, dancing or sex.

In Jamaica and Colombia, the spice cola nut is still used as a pick-me-up. They would often also use it as a sexual stimulant (comparable to cocaine, that's what you get).

Kola nut and weight loss

As mentioned, the herb cola nut gives you a lot of energy. This is because there is a lot of caffeine, theobromine and kolanine in the nut. The most important substance is the cafeïne in this note. This is many times stronger than coffee and makes your heart beat faster (this indirectly ensures a high fat burning). The kolanine and theobromine contain a lot of carbohydrates, this is a source of energy, which helps burn fats and carbohydrates in the body.

In addition, the herb cola nut is also used for better digestion. This can help digest your food better. It can also improve your taste, and you could taste more things.

Your body is therefore constantly full of energy, which in turn responds to the nervous system. This results in your body constantly working in increased fat burning. This is why you can use the herb cola nut very well as a weight loss aid. Of course, you have to do this in combination with exercise and healthy eating. You will not see results very quickly from the herb cola nut alone. But the combination has already brought positive results several times.

The herb cola note at 24High

At 24high, we have 2 different species of the herb cola nut in our range. The effect is the same, it just depends on what you like about consuming it. Below you will find more information about the products.


When you choose the capsules, make sure you stick to the recommended dosage. For example, you can take them with your breakfast in the morning. You are ready to go for a new day! Bring on that dose of energy.


Also, the note in powdered, for example you could make a cup of tea with it.  Here too, stick to the recommended amount and preferably drink the cup of tea in the morning.

Side effects of the herb cola nut

The side effects are similar to those of coffee; restlessness or insomnia. Do not take the Coke Nut capsules too late in the afternoon as you may not be able to sleep. Prolonged and intensive use can lead to habituation and symptoms such as insomnia, nervousness and increased blood pressure.

Do you take medication? Always consult your doctor first and read the package leaflet of your medication to prevent health risks. Also do not use the herb if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have kidney, heart problems, high / low blood pressure, diabetes. Handle this unique note responsibly and stick to the recommended dosage.