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Your immune system is very important for your health. If it does not function properly, you are more susceptible to external diseases. The immune system works with the organs to recognize and eliminate unwanted invaders such as a virus, bacteria, parasites, fungi and toxins. But what is your resistance actually, and how does it work? We will discuss these themes and also highlight a number of natural herbs that play a positive and supportive role in increasing your resistance.

What is, and how does the resistance or the immune system?

The resistance is the inner defense mechanism that kicks in when an unknown or known virus enters the body. You do not want to contract a persistent virus in these times. We now know that if you are infected with a virus, the body produces antibodies. After first contact with a new virus, the complex immune system stores the structure of the foreign molecule. In a subsequent encounter with the same virus, the antibodies work together with the lymphocytes (white blood cells) to quickly recognize the virus and fight it in time. Rapidly recognizing the molecular structure of the virus is extremely important. The sooner the immune system recognizes this structure, the faster a counterattack can be launched. The chance that you will become very ill again if you encounter the same variant of the virus again is smaller.

How can you increase the resistance with natural herbs or supplements

A healthy lifestyle is essential for a good resistance. Think of: enough sleep, a lot of exercise, a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and/or tobacco. The higher the resistance, the better you are protected against a virus or other infectious diseases. There are numerous supplements such as, for example, CBD oil, Turmeric, Galangae (Laos) and vitamin C, which can help with an unhealthy, but of course also with a healthy lifestyle and that can certainly make a supportive contribution to the immune system / more resistance to a virus.

Turmeric neutralizes free radicals and thus relieves the immune system

Turmeric has a rich and ancient history in India. The use of Turmeric for medicinal purposes goes back thousands of years. In ancient Sanskrit writings, it is described that Turmeric brings relief after eating poisoned food. Turmeric has a strong antioxidant effect. This means that it neutralizes unhealthy substances (free radicals) in the body, so that they cannot cause damage. Turmeric protects you from nasty and dangerous intruders and supports the immune system by giving it a real boost! In the 24High web shop, we offer both Turmeric pills and Turmeric oil.

Anti-stress properties of CBD: an important factor to increase the resistance

Cannabidiol or CBD is the main non-psychoactive substance that is found in the hemp plant. CBD does not get you high, the substance THC is responsible for that. CBD is a completely natural product that can help and support the immune system. Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties and further aids in lowering stress, promoting a good night's sleep, relaxing the muscles and also works as painkiller. Stress and too little sleep are factors that definitely have a negative influence on the immune system. Stress hormones, such as cortisol, alter your body on a cellular level and disrupt the hormone balance. This affects the immune system in a very negative way. With CBD, you can therefore increase the resistance.

Galangae (Laos) contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

The Alpinia galanga is a tropical plant from Southeast Asia. The root (Laos) of this plant is particularly popular in Indonesian and Thai cuisine. Laos (Alpinia galanga) is related to ginger. This medicinal root contains anti-inflammatory, antitumoral and antioxidant properties and may be effective in fighting certain cancers and tumors. Small doses of this powerful root promote health and your immune system/resistance!

Vitamin C as a direct support of the resistance in case of a virus infection

Vitamin C is the ultimate boost for your immune system/resistance! A deficiency of vitamin C can lead to a reduced resistance. A low resistance makes you more susceptible to a disease or virus. Vitamin C has an antioxidant (detoxifying) effect on toxic substances in the body, including carcinogens. In addition, improves and increases vitamin C the absorption of iron by the body. A deficiency of iron means that fewer white blood cells are produced by the body. The white blood cells are, as it were, the defense mechanism of the immune system. These are the soldiers of the body who are always ready to fight any virus. It therefore does absolutely no harm if you have been affected by a virus, such as the flu, to significantly increase your vitamin C dose.

Of course, we always advise a healthy lifestyle after to strive. In addition, we also realize that today's social pressures do not always make it possible or easy to follow a balanced and healthy diet every day. A supplement, such as a natural supplement, would be a good addition to keep or increase the resistance. This does not mean, however, that supplements could completely destroy a virus on its own! Click here for more information about the immune system and a well-known and very current virus: Can Cannabis help with Covid 19