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Its so dam annoying that you can't sleep when you want to. You must get out of bed early or maybe you will have a long day ahead so getting up tired is a no go. Sleeping on time and 8 hours is so important for your health. Relaxation exercises will help before going to sleep. Let me present to you these tips and exercises to fall asleep.

Why can't you sleep?

Before I let you see the bedtime relaxation exercises, it might be nice to know why you can't sleep. This can be different causes. For instance, the environment where you sleep can be the cause. Just think of those warm summer nights that can be very stuffy in the Netherlands. Also, your bed, mattress, blanket, pillow and curtains can have influence. Or do you live along a busy road or do you live near an airport?

Outside of your environmental factors, sleeping can also interfere with internal feelings and emotions. Do you have stress? Can't you stop worrying, or do you just worry about something? Stress is more common than you might think. For half of all people who have trouble sleeping, stress is the cause. Fortunately, you can tackle stress well with CBD Sleep well Gummies.

Relaxation exercise for sleeping #1: Meditation

By practicing a short meditation or herbs you can let your body completely relax. This relaxation in your body and mind allows you to surrender to sleep that you need so desperately. You can create rest through this meditation. This relaxation exercise will help you to fall asleep. This meditation to fall asleep works as follows:
  • Lie down in bed on your back, stretch your legs and lay your arms along your body.
  • Close your eyes and start the relaxation exercise.
  • Start with three deep breaths.
  • Breathe for 3 seconds, hold your breath for 1 second, and then breathe for 5 seconds.
  • After that, you'll adjust the rhythm of your breathing.
  • Now breathe 3 seconds in and 5 seconds off, without holding your breath.
  • Keep concentrating on your breathing.
  • Count the number of breaths.
  • Once you are at the tenth breathing you start again at zero.
  • Make sure you don't focus on counting, it's not important that you perform the counting exactly correctly.

After a few minutes, you will feel that your body is relaxing. As if a calmness comes over you. Let all the thoughts you have loose, just feel the calmness in your body. Feel how relaxing and relaxed your body is now. Keep lying down and when the sleep comes, you allow it. You are now in a relaxed, quiet state that makes you ready to fall asleep.

Relaxation exercise for sleeping #2: Soothing music

Another opportunity to come to sleep is to play soothing music. This relaxing sleep helps you relax and fall asleep more easily. Through the soothing sounds, the tension disappears from your mind and from your body. This is widely used worldwide as this has been viewed over 140 million times.

Relaxation exercise for sleeping #3: An exercise from the yoga studio

Because your mind stays active during your sleep, it is sometimes difficult to catch sleep. Your body will completely relax, this relax state will influence the stress hormones to rest. When you fall asleep your blood pressure drops and your heart beats slows down. A moment to replenish your energy level. That makes sleep very important for body and mind. The active mind remains active, but you want to make it less active to fall asleep. The following relaxation exercise will help.

Relaxation exercise for sleeping #4: Sleep meditation

Concluding, I would like to introduce you to sleep meditation. This relaxation exercise helps you to unleash stress and tension, so you can relax and fall asleep. This sleep meditation is therefore a nice relaxation exercise just before bedtime.

More help to get to sleep

Sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep with these relaxation exercises. A little extra help can make you fall asleep even faster, and you will feel completely relax. No more 4 hours sleep during the night but enjoying the full 8 hours rest in a deep sleep. For example, a heading passion flower tea can help.

CBD edibles could also help promote sleep. Certainly the CBD Sleep Well Gummies formula. This is completely aimed at promoting a good night's sleep. It contains the natural hormone melatonin that helps to fall into a peaceful and deep sleep.

The last we have very good experiences with is the Sleepwell tea. This special sleep tea contents Valerian root. Valerian Root helps with stress, tension and insomnia. That's why this tea helps you so well. It even excites sleep.

Sleep is very important. That's why we want to help people who struggle to catching sleep. This can be with relaxation exercises before bedtime or with soothing herbs that stimulate sleep. In our webshop you can buy natural sleeping herbs, CBD and other products will help you to relax, fall asleep and wake up fully of energy.