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The previously harvested Sensi Skunk is fully enjoyed, but the stock is starting to decrease considerably. So it is high time that we are almost harvesting again. Fortunately, that's okay, because the Monster Zkittlez # 1 is already pretty close to harvest time. I think another week or two, if the weather allows it. My leaf problem has been solved with all cannabis plants, except for 1 Hollands Hoop, where I still see a tiny bit of yellow burnt leaves, so the problem is (as good as) solved.

You can read my fourth breeding report here: Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation - Part 4.

Update Royal Queen Seeds Sweet Skunk Autoflowers

The Sweet Skunk # 1 is doing well, a little less # 2 which still remains rather small. Both have already started flowering, which I am very happy with. The Sweet Skunk # 1 is already starting to flowering bud and the smell is very strong. I was so curious about the 'flavour' of this autoflower that I was eager to taste these. I once read on the internet a good tip on how you could still taste the taste without cutting off a bud. The tip is as follows: Roll a joint and roll this joint between the buds and leaves of your flowering cannabis plant, and voilà now your Joint is very sticky and covered in THC trichomes. Light it up, and you will taste a bit of your cannabis plant. Thanks for this golden tip! And I would like to share this with the readers of this blog.

cannabis toppen

Update Leaf problem cannabis plants

Read in my previous reports about a leaf problem, namely yellowing and light burning (overfeeding), this has been completely resolved with all plants, except for 1 Hollands Hoop, where I still see a tiny bit of yellow burnt leaves, so the problem is (almost) solved. So rinsing certainly helped.

Update Flowering outdoor cannabis plants

In my previous report you read how most of my cannabis plants have started flowering and now also the Royal Queen Seeds Sweet Skunks. My photoperiod plants are now all in full bloom! The Monster Zkittlez (# 1) is still the most advanced in the flowering stage at this point, followed by the Monster Zkittlez (# 2) and then the Early Skunk & Critical which are both roughly equally advanced. The Hollands Hope # 1 flowered about a week earlier, both are now at roughly the same flowering stage. As a food I still use Biocanna (Rhizotonic, Flores & Boost). I usually use half the recommended dose, except for Rhizotonic. In the meantime I have stopped giving growth nutrients to all plants and now give BioCanna Rhizotonic, Flores & Boost. All cannabis plants do, except for the small problem here and there, still very well and all bloom beautifully. The Monster Zkittlez # 1 can be harvested in about 2 weeks and the Monster Zkittlez # 2 about a week or 3. For the Royal Queen Seeds Sweet Skunk (s) I think another 2-3 weeks. For the Early Skunk & Critical I can't really estimate it well yet, but I think and hope somewhere at the end of September / beginning of October. The Hollandse Hope # 1 and # 2 should be the last to be ready, sometime in the first or second week of October. Of course these are only estimates of mine based on my experience and knowledge of this Indica dominant strains and the flowering time indicated by the seed suppliers.

Positive and Negative surprise

What shall we start with? Let me tell you the "bad" "news first, because hopefully the positive news can change this. Here we go: BUDROT, every grower's fear has also done some damage to one of my plants, the Monster Zkittlez # 1. I check my plants every day, I often sit outside for an hour or more, sometimes with a nice joint at my cannabis plants. This way you can quickly see if there is a problem and whether the plants are (still) healthy.

In addition, it is certainly not a problem to sit in my wonderfully relaxing (cannabis) garden and take in all the scents and (recognize) the appearance of the plant. It is important that you also check the plant closely, so just sitting in your chair and watching, no matter how restful that may be, won't get you there. By checking all flowering cannabis plants and their branch & bud (s) one by one, you do this by gently pulling the buds apart and looking between them.

Does it look healthy? Isn't it brown or white? When you feel or touch the cannabis buds is it not soft? Is it brown and often soft (er) or does it release very easily when you pull it then you have bud rot. And that was the case with me. The cause of this, is often lower temperatures and high humidity, and the compactness of cannabis buds. In general I have the idea that bud rot occurs more quickly with Indica than with Sativa cannabis plants. After finding bud rot, cut everything in between when bud rot starts and throw it away to prevent spores from spreading. If the buy rot has already progressed further, it is better to harvest immediately and still cut all the top rot well away.

Bud rot can destroy your entire crop. Fortunately, the bud rot that one plant has is not very advanced and is just starting, so I was able to cut it out. It is important that you properly disinfect the scissors or cutting equipment and of course continue to check your plant daily for (recurring) bud rot. If it keeps coming back, it is better to harvest immediately and then cut it off so that it is not smoked or spread further during drying. Hopefully the top rot will not return, but time would tell, good weather would help. And then my wish became reality, there comes the positive change that we have all noticed. Namely the sudden warm climate change of / in week 38, just when my plant (s) could use some extra sun and warmer temperatures. My cannabis plants (and I) thoroughly enjoyed this. The cannabis plants have started to grow and bloom faster as a result. This is also very positive for the fight against bud rot. Hopefully the cold nights won't change that.

Defoliating my cannabis buds

A technique that is used by many growers to, among other things, increase air circulation (around the cannabis buds). is the partial defoliation of flowering Cannabis plants. This technique helps to reduce the chance of mold and bud rot because more air is circulated. More energy is also put into the production of cannabis buds instead of the leafs. However, opinions for defoliation are divided among both indoor and outdoor growers. Some don't do it at all and think that nature should take its course. Others only do it when leaves turn very yellow and die, some do it when leaves create shade over the buds and others cut almost the entire plant bare by the end of the flowering time.

My advice would be do what feels right for you, but always make sure that your plant still has some large leaves left(fan leaves). Most of the smaller leaves (sugar leaves) can left alone, if there are really many, and also create shadow over your bud(s) you can remove a single one. I myself have trimmed Monster Zkittlez # 1 almost bare for (much) more air circulation and to ripen its buds. Of course I only did this, because it already suffered from bud rot. I defoliated the rest of the cannabis plants all "strategically". I have removed some leaves here and there, mainly those that create (too much) shadow over the cannabis buds. Thus, the sunlight will get to the buds and they will have a more effective process of photosynthesis. (in short, photosynthesis is: converting sunlight into usable energy). Photosynthesis happens in all plants, trees, algae and even some microorganisms.


My RQS Sweet Skunks Autoflowers just like all other cannabis plants are all in bloom, some more advanced than others. This actually shows a nice difference between all the different stages of flowering phases. The scents are very strong and smell wonderful. Hopefully we have overcome the bud rot at Monster Zkittlez # 1 thanks to the better weather of week 38, so let's hope the bud rot doesn't come back and then we'll be right on top of it. All cannabis plants show a nice bud formation and I am very curious how they will look, smell and even taste in a few weeks. In short, my breeding is going very well and I am (so far) more than satisfied.

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