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Karma is a concept familiar to everyone. By doing something good, you score karma points. In turn, 'wrong' behaviour is bad for your karma. The philosophy behind karma is that actions have consequences. How exactly it works is laid down in 12 laws of karma. Read all about these principles and how to apply them here. And... whether you believe in them or not: you probably agree that the world would be a much nicer place if everyone lived according to this philosophy. Moreover, you probably think you are a nicer person when you live more consciously according to the laws of karma. So take advantage of it!

What is karma?

The word 'karma' comes from Sanskrit, a millennia-old language from India. As a concept, it comes from Buddhism and Hinduism, among others. It literally means 'actions'. The Cambridge dictionary defines karma as 'the force that results from a person's actions in one life and affects what happens to them in future lives' and 'a situation in which things happen to someone as a result of their previous actions, or the force that causes this to happen'. Long story short: karma punishes and rewards your behaviour in your current or a future life. According to this philosophy, your actions have consequences, so better behave!

The 12 laws of karma

There are a total of 12 universal laws of karma. The first one is actually the most important, but to have 'good karma', it is best to follow all the laws consciously.

1. Cause and effect

The law of cause and effect is at the heart of the concept of karma. What you do has consequences for you. A precept that falls under this law is, for example, "Be kind to another, then you will receive love". But even veganism can be seen as living according to this law.

2. Creation

The law of creation tells you to take action when you want good things to happen to you. Don't passively wait for luck to blow your way; it doesn't work that way. Something about sowing and reaping.

3. Humility

Accept that your current situation is the result of your past actions, states the law of humility. People like Donald Trump disregard this law; after all, he never does anything wrong ...

4. Grow

If you want to mean something to the world, start with yourself. Change what you cannot accept and accept what you cannot change. Personal growth can be achieved in various ways: from a Vision Quest to therapy, mindfulness, practising compassion, veganism, courses and conscious psychedelic tripping.

5. Responsibility

You are responsible for what 'happens' to you in life. Don't look for an external cause for your issues and don't shoot yourself in the victim role.

6. Connection

Everything in your life is connected. Your past, present and future influence each other and make you the person you are now and will be in the future. From trauma to education and life lessons; you can see this very broadly.

7. Focus

Focus on one thing at a time, including values. Pay conscious attention to love and good, then evil will automatically fade into the background.

8. Giving and hospitality

Feed your values actively. For instance, do voluntary work with a target group you care about.

9. Here and now

Live in the here-and-now to experience more peace and positivity. Above all, do not focus on the past: that has been and creates unnecessary stress. Meditation can enhance the feeling of living in the here and now.

10. Change

The law of change is easy: if you don't change anything, nothing will.

11. Patience and reward

Consistency and patience is what will get you results in the future. So don't give up too soon if you don't achieve a goal right away. Wait and keep sowing and karma will reward you in the long run.

12. Meaning and inspiration

Whoever you are, you always have something of value to add to the world and inspire others in some way. Look for your active contribution to a more beautiful world.