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The vision quest is not well known among western people, but it still plays a major role in the development of people among natural peoples. A vision quest can help to gain insight into a problem or mark a transition to another phase of life. During such a quest, you withdraw into yourself and take a look inside yourself. Psychedelic drugs can also be used for this. In fact, you are on a spiritual journey. Are you looking for answers, are you in a crisis? Maybe it's time for a vision quest!

What is a vision quest?

A vision quest is a quest for answers and insight. Peoples that follow the rhythm of nature often mark the transition to another phase of life, for example, from child to adult. But also shamans and other people can make such a journey. And lately, vision quests are also increasingly being done in Western culture. Elements from different cultures, traditions and religions are regularly used.

People who want to gain insight into themselves, get stuck in relationships, are looking for answers, everyone can go on a spiritual journey. The essence of the quest is as follows:

  • The vision quest usually takes place in a natural environment
  • You are alone
  • Fasting for several hours and/or without sleep
  • Attention goes inward (meditation)
  • Relying on yourself
  • This makes you receptive to visions

Although it is indicated that you should go into nature, this is not feasible for everyone. It is also not allowed to spend the night in the forest everywhere. That is why performing a vision quest at home (or in your garden) is of course also possible, provided the other conditions are met.


What are the reasons for doing such a thing?

If you look into the possibility of doing such a spiritual quest, you may wonder why you would expose yourself to such a thing. It is of course a mentally and physically demanding challenge. But that is also the reason that it can bring you a lot. We live very protected and have become far from nature. With a vision quest, you get to know yourself in a unique way.

And that's a good thing. How many people don't know who they are? Who doesn't look for a purpose in life that really suits your full potential? We have lost touch with ourselves, and the vision quest is the way to restore that contact and find your own inner truth.

But does it really have to be so difficult? Yes, in principle. Precisely because you go into nature, experience the deprivation of fasting, cold and insomnia, you will encounter yourself. And in that challenge, you discover where your strengths lie. You are not distracted by others and digital media, you cannot fall back on your regular habits, and you have to let go of control. At that moment, you are more open to the truth within yourself. If you can listen in silence to the messages of your heart, you will learn a lot from your vision quest.

How do you approach a vision quest?

A vision quest is not a matter of: walk into the forest and meditate. More preparation is needed. Make time (a few days) and take it seriously. The intention already determines to a large extent how much you will get out of this experience.

1. Fasting and meditating


If you have no experience with meditation or fasting yet, make sure you have already done this before starting the vision quest. Start with a half-day fast, so you know what to expect. Also practice meditating. Search the Internet for information about what it means and what forms there are. Start with 10 minutes and increase to half an hour.

Meditation and fasting are good ways to get in touch with your core. Learn to recognize your body's signals for what they are. By meditating, you learn to be in the now and to pay less attention to the busy, chattering mind.

2. Practical: what to take with you?

If you are going to spend the night in nature, think of everything you need: a mat, sleeping bag, warm clothing. Bring enough water with you for a couple of days and a first aid kit. Also, useful are a notebook and pen to write down your experiences.

3. Food and psychedelics

It is up to you to decide whether to take food with you. Some people like to take something to eat, such as nuts or chocolate. If the hunger gets too bad, or you feel very weak, it can be useful to have something to eat. But food can also be a huge distraction. Keep that in mind. A psychedelic drug can contribute a lot to the insights you get during a vision quest. However, they are not necessary. If you do want to take such a drug, only do so if you already have experience with it. Choose a natural hallucinogen, such as shrooms, Ayahuasca or mescaline cacti. 

4. Go on a journey!

Find a place where you can do your vision quest undisturbed. You are now far from civilization and can do everything that has to do with letting go of normal, daily life. How long you are going to meditate is up to you. It can be useful for yourself to agree on a time in advance how long the quest will take. During this time, commit to 100% and don't be distracted. The phone goes off, you can't listen to music or talk to others. If you want to, take your psychedelic now.

This time is yours. Listen to what's from your innermost self. It can be visions, dreams, images or words. This unique journey can bring you a lot. When it is time to go back to the normal world, you will be an experience richer. Be careful and keep your experience as much to yourself, this is something that only concerns you. Let everything you have seen, felt and heard sink in. Hopefully you got answers to your questions. 

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